Bento Love: Bunny Love

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For this bento, there is a salad with tomatoes & cheese bunnies with a little bunny container of homemade ranch dressing. On the top is a sandwich ball heart filled with raspberry preserves.

A cucumber wedge is holing up the umbrella, next to a stack of pears.

Ya’ll are getting an extra bento this week, thanks to the Bento of The Week challenge of at Voting will start next Wednesday…don’t worry, I’ll send out a reminder :) The theme this week was sandwich balls. This is the first sandwich ball I have ever made & the girls LOVED it!I can’t wait to try different fillings. 
How did I make the ball a heart? 
Well, my amazing friend Jodi (foodie blogger @ sent me a super sweet bento tools package a couple weeks ago. LOVE YOU JODI! One thing she sent was a heart shaped hard boiled egg mold. Darryl had the great idea of using them for the sandwich balls! Perfect :)

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  1. says

    Thanks guys! Yeah, I made another one with the bear and bunny molds I have. I will get that up on the meme early next week :) I can’t believe how much the girls loved the sandwich balls!

  2. says

    Ok. So I am loving the idea of using my egg molds so much that I think I am going to go try it even though we don’t have school tomorrow! I am a dork!

  3. says

    hehe… ladies, since the egg mold idea was originally my husband’s idea, after reading these comments, he has been walking around the house gloating :) HA!

  4. Michelle Bailey says

    I still not sure I understand how you made a sandwich ball. I also have the egg molds but sometimes I get kinda clueless.


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