FunBites Review & Giveaway

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Great for kids!

I found these awesome cutters online while searching for fun new bento making tools. After contacting the company, they offered to send me a set to review. Boy am I glad they did. These little cutters are amazing.

FunBites cuts kids’ food into fun-shaped bite-sized pieces. You can use them on pancakes, deli sandwiches, grilled cheese, burgers/veggie burgers, fruit and more! Bite-sized meals in less than 10 seconds :)

The idea behind Funbites is to help kids try new food, by cutting them into fun, bite-sized shapes.

FunBites currently comes in 2 forms. Cube It!, which creates 12 bites sized squares…. and Luv It!, which forms a big heart from 10 geometric shapes.

Each FunBite pack is BPA free and includes: cutter with curved blades that quickly cuts food into small bites & matching popper, which instantly pops out food so hand are clean and food is untouched.

Were these cutters easy to use? Yes! And once I started cutting… I couldn’t stop. The day my FunBitesarrived, I had leftover waffles from breakfast, and was just about to start making some grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls. Good timing!

But I couldn’t stop there…. I was addicted….

What else could I find to cut? Apples! Cheese! I was able to make this entire bento using only the FunBites cutters.

Best of all, the clean up was a cinch. That is one thing I hate about cleaning up after betno making. All the little pieces that have to be washed and put away. All I had to do with the FunBites was handwash or put them in the top-shelf of the dishwasher… and boom… clean up done!

Let me ask you.. what is better than FunBites? FREE FunBites! FunBites was generous enough to offer one of my readers a Luv It! set and another reader a Cube It! set for a FunBites Giveaway! There will be 2 winners. One winner will receive the Luv It! set and one winner will receive the Cube It! set. Entries will be accepted NOW, through Friday, 11/25/11 at 11:59pm CST. Winners will be selected at random and announced on Saturday morning (11/26/11). I will email the winners, who must contact me at, no later than Tuesday, 11/29/11 at 6:00pm CST. The first one to contact me will have choice of what set they would like. FunBites will then send you your very own set.

How to enter FunBites giveaway:
1.You must “Like” FunBites & Family Fresh Meal’s facebook page. (if you are already a follower, just skip this step…but you must be following both of us on Facebook)
Then come back here and leave a comment letting me know if you are a new or current “like” follower for each. It would also be fun to know what you plan on cutting up with FunBites :)

EXAMPLE: I just Liked FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. New follower to both. I can’t wait to cut some pancakes!

Only one entry per person.
I must have a way to contact you. If you are leaving a comment as anonymous, you must also leave your name & an email so I can reach you.
Anyone can enter!!! So spread the word :)

Disclaimer: FunBites provided me with their product for review. All opinions about this product are my own.

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  1. says

    first time liker of fun bites, long time liker of FFM. i’m hoping to use the fun bites to make the same old sun butter & jelly sandwich olivia has countless times a week a whole heck of a lot more interesting!

  2. says

    I am a new liker to both facebook pages. This looks like a great tool! I’d use it to make fun meals and snacks for my 2 preschoolers and their classroom friends! :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi corey! Im a new follower of both on facebook but I check out your recipes now and then. The cutter things look so cool! Adalyz is 10 months old and is getting into finger foods so I am sure I would try them with many different things. I would probably start with toast as it is her favorite thing to eat right now. -Angie

  4. says

    SWEET DEAL!!! I am a new liker to both FB pages:) I am hoping for some of these for christmas:) Would love to use them on our boys favorite food, pancakes/waffles. Then my favorite, jello:) now I’m wondering what else I can use it on….tee hee!

  5. says

    Liking you both on FB! :) I’m a sucker for any kind of cutter! And I happen to have room in my second (that’s right SECOND!) storage box for sandwich cutters… good thing I just reorganized! :)

  6. says

    I am a new follower of both Fun Bites and Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. If selected, I’d use the FunBites to make finger-fruit-salads and finger-veggie-salads for my boys lunches. Looks like fun!

  7. says

    I am a new follower of Fun Bites. I’ve already loved your page, you know 😉 What a great new product! I’m so excited to give this one a try. Thanks for doing this giveaway Corey! PB and J sandwiches or pizza would be even more fun cut with these.

  8. says

    I am a new fan of FunBites and Family Fresh Meals. I am a recent stay at home mom of my 5 and 8 year old. Having a great time making their school lunches fun and exciting for them. I love having time to try new recipes and making more things homemade.
    Rebecca Dula

  9. says

    I just Liked FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook! I’m a new follower also! I have a Kindergartener and have been doing Bento lunches for him and he just loves them! I would love to add these to my cutters because I don’t have that many yet and mainly use cookie cutters!! Plus, these would be fun for my 3 1/2 year old!

  10. says

    Cool. was lucky to stumble upon this site via Keeley Mcguire blog on fb. now that i have you on fb too, cant wait to see what fun things i can get into. am admiring the ease of cutting bits for kids…. =)

  11. Anonymous says

    I just liked FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. New follower to both. Awesome idea, thanks for the giveaway! ~Sarah
    squeakandus at msn dot com

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi, international (new) liker of both pages.
    What an excellent idea!!
    I love that the funbites products are BPA free!! Cant wait to get a hold of them, I’ll be chopping everything possible!! My daughter will love this!!

    Linda from Australia :)

  13. says

    I like both: FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook :) and am new to both too! Very clever idea! Would love to use these for my two toddlers!

  14. says

    I just Liked FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. New follower to both. I can’t wait to cut stuff into bite-sized pieces! Where was this when I had to cut EVERY LITTLE THING into bite-sized pieces for my boys when they were toddlers! Sheesh, this would have saved so much time!!!!

  15. Noemi Studie says

    I just liked both FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. New follower to both. I so excited to have found both of you :)

  16. says

    My daughter would love these.

    I just Liked FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. New follower to both. I can’t wait use these on my daughters grilled cheese.

  17. Anonymous says

    I just Liked FunBites & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. New follower to both. My daughter LOVES to have her food done up different and get so excited when a meal looks fun. I’m anxious to see how these work and if I’ll get some time savings. If they work well, I could see having a couple sets.
    chen dot mariam at

  18. says

    I’m a new follower, and liked you both. I would use it to cut up food for my 3 yr old – the smaller the food, the more he eats. Pancake bites, cheese slices, meat, and I love the idea of cutting up something already layered like a sandwich. yum!

  19. Becky O. says

    I’m a new liker of both Family Fresh Meals and FunBites. I can’t wait to try these for my three-year-old’s preschool lunches!

    beckster24 at cox dot net

  20. says

    I am a new follower! Also liked both. I would be cutting up toast, grilled cheese and fruit for both my daughters. One for her school lunches, the other for my toothless baby. This is a perfect and would reduce my need to cut things up manually!

  21. Anonymous says

    I am a new follower! what a great idea these are! saves time & looks great & appealing to kids! i run an at homedaycare, this would be great!! thanks!

  22. says

    I’m a new follower to both Family Fresh Meals and FunBites. I have never been very into bento lunches because they look like they take forever and I have boys who I’m sure wouldn’t appreciate the extra work. However, these look so easy I’m tempted to try them. I’m loving the sailboat.

  23. Anonymous says

    i’m a new “liker” to both pages…what an awesome tool! anything that would make meal prep easier for my gluten free and peanut free son would be awesome! he’s 2 and one of 4 boys! :) thanks!
    beth @

  24. says

    I am a new follower of FunBites and have been following FFM for awhile because Corey is awesome! I would cut up everything with a FunBite since Bradley still wants everything in bite sized morsels. This is revolutionary! :)

  25. says

    I just liked both facebook pages. I love the idea of these, maybe they will help my picky little man to try new things! And my daughter goes nuts for anything heart shaped, so the Luv it! set would be great for her.

  26. AkMom says

    New liker to both pages. I am very excited to try these with my grandson. He gets overwhelmed by big sandwiches, and I think this will help him try new and different foods.

    Thank you!

    spamalaska AT hotmail DOT com


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