Super Healthy Kids Plate Set Review & Giveaway

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Super Healthy Kids is an amazing blog full of fun recipes, meal plans, printables and ideas to get your kids to eat healthy! I was searching around on the site, and found these super cool plate sets!

Little did I know that Super Healthy Kids has an amazing healthy eating store, dedicated to teaching kids how to eat healthy. Super Healthy Kids was excited to hear how thrilled I was about their plates, and thought a review and giveaway was a great idea :)

I bet you are wondering if your kids would be as excited as I was for these plates. Well, as soon as my Healthy Habit Plate Set  arrived…. the girls couldn’t keep their hands off them! “Look Mom! A tomato is in that bowl.” “Mama, a STRAWBERRY! We must eat lots of those on the plate, okay?”


I actually had to bribe them with a new coloring book and crayons to stay in the other room so I could take pictures for the review. hehehe

Now that the kiddos are entertained in the other room…on with the review. The Super Healthy Kids Healthy Habit Plate Set comes with 3 items. A cup, bowl and plate. 

Each item has a cute character enticing your kids to come eat healthy, bright, colorful food! The price is GREAT. Only 9.99 for the set, 4.99 for just the plate or 3.00 for the bowl. Talk about a deal :)

The plate is especially impressive for a fruit & veggie loving lady such as myself. It is modeled after the current USDA My Plate (aka food pyramid).

Half the plate is dedicated to fruits and veggies, and the other half is divided between grains and proteins. Perfect!

The girls and I had a fun time talking about lunch that day. The plate is a great teaching tool, showing a visual of what to eat at each meal.

I asked questions like, “What do we have the most of on our plate?” “Where do we put the cheese & meat?” ” Do the noodles go here or over there?” It got the girls excited to learn about their food and what groups they belong in.

For lunch, the girls had a “mouse” pear with carrot ears & tail, tomato nose, and sesame seed eyes. Joining the mouse in the fruit/veggie section were apples, carrots and celery. The grain was colorful pasta with some cheese for the protein. I served a side salad in the bowl and water in the cup.


Now, lets talk about this cup. My girls NEVER choose to drink plain water. When they ask for juice, it’s always water, with a splash of juice…..but they NEVER ask for just water. I am happy to say, that has all changed since the Super Healthy Kid’s water cup entered into our lives. My girls were drawn to the cup right away. My oldest daughter named him Mr. Wet, and explained to me that we can ONLY drink water out of him. Now they ask for Mr. Wet’s water all the time!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Super Healthy Kids provided me with an extra Healthy Habit Plate Set to give to one of my awesome Family Fresh Meals fans! Entries will be accepted NOW, through Friday, 12/02/11 at 11:59pm CST. A winner will be selected at random and announced on Saturday morning (12/03/11). I will email the winner, who must contact me at, no later than Tuesday, 12/06/11 at 6:00pm CST.


How to enter Super Healthy Kids giveaway:
1.You must “Like” Super Healthy Kids & Family Fresh Meal’s facebook page. (if you are already a follower, just skip this step…but you must be following both of us on Facebook)
Then come back HERE and leave a comment letting me know that you have followed us both and let me what your favorite vegetable is!

EXAMPLE: I am following Super Healthy Kids & Family Fresh Meals on Facebook. I love steamed broccoli.

Only one entry per person.
I must have a way to contact you. If you are leaving a comment as anonymous, you must also leave your name & an email so I can reach you. Some of you who do have a blogger account have your email address set to private, so check to make sure you have a visible email.
Anyone can enter!!! So spread the word :)

Disclaimer: Super Healthy Kids provided me with their product for review. All opinions about this product are my own.

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  1. says

    I’ve been following you both for quite a while now and my favorite vegetable (and John’s, for that matter) is broccoli. Of course when I win you can reach me on the Facebook group or just email whoopseedaisee at gmail :)

  2. Anonymous says

    I follow Super Healthy Kids and Family Fresh Meals on FaceBook. My favorite vegetable is oven roasted cauliflower.
    Rikki Burpee
    Email is rikkiburpee at

  3. AkMom says

    I “like” both on facebook. I love most all vegetables, hard to pick a favorite!

    spamalaska (at) hotmail (dot) com


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