Muffin Meals: Olive My Christmas Tree

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I have been such a fan of the Muffin Tin Mondays over at MTM :) Such cute ideas.


I don’t know about you, but I love to sample a ton of food at my meals, and so do my kiddos. Muffin tin meals are perfect for just that.


It is also a great way to serve up any small leftovers you might have…..a way to get rid of those last 4 chips in the bottom of the bag, that last pickle sitting in the jar, the one piece of cheese calling your name, etc… I keep putting “buy muffin tins” on my to-do list, but seem to always forget.


Last weekend when I was at Target (I know, it’s hard to believe, me at Target) they had these great silicone muffin tins in the dollar section. I snagged one of each design and was all set to muffin-tin it up!


In the muffin lunch is starting top left, dressing for dipping, carrots, green olives, fruit snacks, spaghetti squash, and Greek yogurt!


I should have thought to get two of each set of muffin tins, because there was a fight over who got the tress and who got the snowflakes. Both had the same meal, but when you have a sister, EVERYTHING must be a fight… right?! hehe. Hope you enjoy!
XO Chef Corey


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  1. this blog is always inspiring me to do creative things for my kids. they are definitely benefiting from it and excitedly ask me what i’m making them for lunch each day! must see if i have some neat tins for today… otherwise a trip to target will be in my future!

  2. love it! i didnt see any muffin trays in our dollar section (and i live at Target hehe) i’ll have to check again. :)

    super cute!

  3. I am seriously lacking the mommy gene that makes one good at this sort of thing, but I’m trying! ;-) I know I’ll never be able to rock the whole Bento Box thing, so I just went to a craft store and picked up a bunch of mini fondant cutters and have been using them on my daughter’s food. That, and sticking cut-up food (or small fruit like blueberries/raspberries) on fancy toothpicks. SHE LOVES IT. I’m going to try the muffin tins next! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. You guys! These comments mean the WORLD to me. Thank you so much taking the time :) XOXOXOXO

  5. I saw these in the dollar spot day but passed them up because I am too frugal for just using them for a few weeks for MTM. Very cute though!

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