Bento Love: Flowers, Chains, Bunnies & Stars

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Bento Love: Flowers, Chains, Bunnies & Stars:
For this bento there are Star sandwiches with Stuffed Baguette filling, chain of cucumbers, a flower made of oranges and cucumber and bunny crackers for dessert. 

Once again, the chain cucumbers were the favorite.

Both girls had a fun time with those! hehe Which is making me think, I should do a cucumber chain tutorial asap. (UPDATE: I did! Here it is!)

It is super easy, and a great way to get your kiddos to eat some greens! I promise to get that up soon.

If you haven’t checked it out already, please stop by and look at the Stuffed Baguette post.

Not only is it a fun, original appetizer, but the girls LOVED the filling. I used the little bit of leftovers I had to make a couple sandwiches for the girls and Darryl.

The girls have been requesting MORE creamy sandwiches! Love that!

XO Corey

Products I used to make this bento:) XO Chef Corey

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