Bento Love: How Many Hearts Can You Find?

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Can you find them all?

Valentine's Day Lunch

Bento Love: How Many Hearts Can You Find?


For this Easy Lunchbox bento, there are cheese and bread thin hearts, topped with a purple marshmallow heart.


On the sides of the large compartment are grapes and pineapple chunks, topped with sprinkle hearts.


On the top left are fresh blueberries, centered with a freeze dried raspberry.On the bottom left are some shells & cheese, topped with two cheese hearts.



The girls had fun with this lunch, because I made it a “search and find” lunch :)


Big D found all the hearts! Little D only missed 2 :)




I will have to try this again with different shapes. Fun!


XO Corey



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Products I used for this bento :)



  1. Corey, this is so pretty and love the hearts :)

  2. sooooo cute!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! <3

  3. My daughter said 19 hearts.

  4. Wow, so pretty, love all the hearts. :) And I just voted. :)

  5. Totally voted for you … and dork that I am also wanted to try and count the hearts on the sheet under the box. You know, because I obviously have too much time on my hands ;)

  6. What a beautiful lunch! Love all of the hearts.

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