Bento Love: Our First Planet Box!

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Flowers, cucumbers and more!

Bento Love: Our First Planet Box!

For this Planet Box bento, I used cream cheese filling for the flower sandwiches, with green and black olives, cucumbers, oranges, bunny crackers and a penguin gummy for dessert.

WooHoo! We finally got a Planet Box! These lovely lunchboxes are great!

I loved how they hold the food in place and are sectioned off :)

Both girls could open these with easy and loved the decorative magnets. Make sure to check them out HERE!

Big D couldn’t wait to shove one of those cucumbers in her mouth! hehe. Cucumber smile!

Products used for this bento lunch :)XO Corey

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  1. says

    Cute flower sandwiches :) Lunch looks so nice in the Planetbox! Beanstalk can’t wait to get his.

    Wow, kid you not, I had not hit Publish yet when I heard the mail truck – here to deliver Beanstalk’s Planetbox! Haha!

  2. says

    let me know how your diggin’ the planetbox the more you use it!

    @Candy Girl – you too! curious how it holds up to shaky/jumpy kiddos who like to flip their backpacks upsidown some days. 😉 LOL


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