Ice Tray Treats: Heart Explosion!

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Fun finger foods for kids

Ice Tray Treats: Heart Explosion!

In this cube tray there are heart shaped pepperoni, oranges, cheese, marshmallows, spinach, bananas, candy, carrots, grapes, apples, gummies, pears, cereal, tomatoes and more cheese.


Thank you to Bent On Better Lunches for the heart carrot tutorial :)


I didn’t have a chance to make an “adult” appetizer to post today, but I did make the girls this fun heart sampler for the girls. The LOVED it…no pun intended :) hehehe

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  1. Super cute. Is that an ice cube tray?

  2. Yummy!! Love all the colors too :)

    We just bought some of those heart cereals before vacay! Little Miss loves them. She’s been taking them for snack at school, hehe.

  3. Cute! Love making food fun :)

  4. Thanks for the carrot credit, you’re sweet ;) I have something similar planned for my stay-at-home sproutlets, glad you did it first so i can use some of your ideas, heheh – maybe I can return the linky favour :)

  5. Very clever using ice cube trays! Love it!

  6. So many varieties of cute foods, lovely :)

  7. An ice tray! What a good idea! I love that everything is made into hearts and lots of variety!

  8. Cute! I love how this turned out! So many heart shaped foods! I should try heart shaped spinach! :)

  9. Your ice cube tray full of hearts is simply adorable! :)

  10. This is fantastic!

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