Muffin Meals: Lots of Love

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Valentine's Day lunch

Muffin Meals: Lots of Love:
In this muffin meal there is yogurt, oranges, cheese and ham Xs & Os, heart cereal and freeze dried raspberries. 

Some bento friends & I have all posted today, to round up some great ideas for tomorrow’s lunches.


So take a moment and hop on over to to see another fun bento blog. Click HERE



  1. I like your heart tin meal! I’ve never seen heart cereal before, too cute!

  2. What a lovely luncheon display!

  3. Very cute! I need to find some of that heart cereal I keep seeing everywhere :D

  4. Cute! Thanks for linking up at Bento Blog Network!

  5. Your tin looks so cute! Happy MTM!

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