Tomato Paste…the new and improved ketchup.

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Yes, you heard me right. Toss out your ketchup and pick up some tomato paste.

Uses for tomato paste

Yes, you heard me right. Toss out your ketchup and pick up some tomato paste. As a mother of children who are obsessed with dipping and dressing their food in ketchup, have always been concerned with the amount of sodium entering their system.

In just a little old tablespoon of ketchup, there are about 210mg of sodium, which equates to 10% of an adult’s sodium intake for the day. YIKES! Also, reducing sodium for me & hubby means weight loss and health :)

Last year, I remembered Dr. Oz mentioning something about replacing sodium rich ketchup with tomato paste.

So I did some research. Tomato paste is a source of several nutrients and also features some compounds that are not highly available in raw tomatoes, making it a healthy addition to recipes, not to mention a great substitution for ketchup. T

he sodium registers at less than 15mg.. which is less than 1% of our daily recommendation.
It also provides a ton of vitamin A, which is important to eye sight health, reproduction and fetal development.

Although it is not as rich in vitamin C as fresh tomatoes, tomato paste still provides 3.5 mg of this antioxidant that improves immunity and tissue repair. And that’s not all. You’ll also find vitamin K, B, iron AND potassium.

I bet you are all wondering about the taste.

My husband was the first to pipe up saying “No, thanks, I’ll take regular ketchup on my veggie burger.” I made him his usual burger that night, but the next night, I didn’t ask… and I made the swap :)

He raved about the burger, and had no clue! After I filled him in, and informed him on all the health benefits, he is a tomato paste convert.

With the kids, I didn’t even mention the change. I just put paste on their veggie burgers, and a squirt on their plates for their sweet potato tater tots.

They enjoyed the burger and dipped away. No questions asked!!! I was amazed!

Now, I’m not going to lie and say they taste EXACTLY the same…. but it is so similar, it is hard to tell the difference. Trader Joe’s just put out this tube form of tomato paste which rocks (and only cost .99!)

Squeeze what you need, then throw it back in the fridge. If you can’t find the tubes anywhere, the cans would work, you would just need to store in a ziplock.


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  1. says

    Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I already made the switch to NO-HFCS ketchup as soon as it became available, but I don’t like the added sodium, especially when I make homemade BBQ sauce with it. I’m excited to hear about Trader Joe’s tomato paste in a tube! Another option could be to funnel canned tomato paste into a reusable squeeze bottle. Just be careful of BPA in the canned stuff. :)

  2. says

    ugh! i wish we had a trader joe’s and/or whole foods by us :(
    this is a GREAT tip though Corey!! thanks so much! we refer to ketchup as “red gravy” for Little Miss because she eats WAYYYYYY too much of it, LOL… def something to think about!


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