Bento Love: Is the Moon is Made of Cheese?


bento lunch

Bento Love: The Moon is Made of Cheese


For this lunch there is a moon made of shells and cheese, with nori details, raspberry applesauce topped with marshmallow stars, strawberry Greek yogurt topped with star sprinkles, grapes and cheese stars, with some pineapple chunks on the side. 


My girls were “over the moon” excited for this lunch :) hehe

Big D has started rejecting nori when I use it for decorations in lunches, but besides that, the both girls finished the ENTIRE lunch. I love when that happens!

XO Corey










What I used to make this lunch! XO Chef Corey





  1. awesome :)
    this made me think of little miss because she calls the center of hard boiled eggs “cheese”. LOL
    super cute lady!!

  2. What a fantastic idea. I just had to pin the pictures!

  3. Very cute! Love emptied lunchboxes :)

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