Bento Love: Spring Flowers & Baby Chick

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Bento box

Bento Love: Spring Flowers & Baby Chick


For this EasyLunchbox bento, there is a patch of fruit flowers (watermelon, kiwi & blueberries), a small peanut butter & jam “baby chick”sandwich with cheese details and candy eyes, and a handful of cheesy chick crackers.


Everything about this lunch was loved by my girls.

Both girls left the candy eyeballs behind in the lunchbox (which was kinda creepy to look down at when I was cleaning off the table. hehe)

I asked Big D why they didn’t eat the eyes….they were candy after all. “Ewwww MOM! We don’t eat eyes!” Little D echoed he big sissy with a ” YUCK!”

Guess that means, I’ll be putting those aside for a bit. :)
Hope you enjoy!
XO Corey


What I used to make this Spring lunch.


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  1. says

    haha, so cute!
    truth be told, little miss doesn’t like the eyes either – that’s why i’ve shyed away from using them too, because if i do i know she’ll just pick them off.

    LOVE the flowers and sammie!

  2. says

    i’ma need to seriously get into this. then i can send my kid to school with cute food 😛 hehe won’t his friends be jealous!!


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