MOMables Review & Giveaway!

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I first found MOMables on a search for quick, easy lunches for kids. And that is EXACTLY what MOMables provides.  

When  you subscribe to MOMables, you are able to access weekly menus, shopping lists for each week, step-by-step guide on how to create the lunch AND a big beautiful picture to show you how the lunch should look. 

There are no special gadgets needed to make the lunches and each lunch can be made in 10 minutes or less. HOW GREAT IS THAT! This is perfect for those uber busy parents. 

PLUS…. MoMables is hard at work creating Gluten free options for the fall, in addition to vegetarian and dairy-free options.


Each week, I print my weekly lunches out, hole punch, and throw them in a binder. I LOVE how easy the instructions are, and the amazing photos of what the finished product should look like.

No thinking required on my part…. which I love! hahaha!This MOMables lunch instructed you how to make the Pinwheels, and to serve with a side of fruit, veggies and snack or treat :) How easy and how cute! Right?!

Of course the girls loved it!

Now as a mom… what do I love about MOMables? Let me count the ways….
1. Lunches can be made in 10 mins or less. Some of my bento creations leave me with a week brain, so i turn to MOMables on the days I need a quick, healthy lunch idea. These are perfect for the busy parent.
2. No tools needed. ANYONE can put these beauties together.
3. Fresh, healthy food. Plain and simple. These meal plans will provide a well rounded, healthy meal for you kids (and even you!)

Go check out some of the sample menus for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!
MOMables was generous enough to offer one of my readers a free 3 month subscription to MOMables for a giveaway!!  Entries will be accepted NOW, through Friday, 3/09/12 at 11:59pm CST. The winner will be selected at random and announced on Saturday morning (3/10/12). I will email the winner, who must then respond to, no later than Tuesday, 3/13/12 at 6:00pm CST. 

How to enter the MOMables giveaway:
1. Just leave a comment letting me know what is the most difficult part of making school lunches.
EXAMPLE:Keeping food fresh for the following day is always difficult for me.
Only one entry per person.
I must have a way to contact you. If you are leaving a comment as anonymous, you must also leave your name & an email so I can reach you.
Anyone can enter!!! So spread the word :)
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  1. says

    The hardest part for me is making a variety of foods I tend to get stuck in a rut and peanut free schools since my kids would live on peanut butter if I let them.

  2. says

    Trying to find new ideas for 5 school lunches a day for kids between 4 and 14 that don’t go soggy, hard or turn to mush in the bottom of the bags. It’s a total nightmare. :S

  3. Carrie Taylor says

    The hardest part for me is being a beginner. I just started packing lunch for my 4 year old two weeks ago. This has been the best way that I have found to get my child to eat >gasp< salad for lunch and practically anything that I put in the box. I’m getting ready to try an angry birds theme. Wish me luck! and I hope I win!

  4. says

    The hardest part for me is keeping my husband from hovering in the kitchen while I’m making them. He can’t just hold the baby for me. He has to HOVER! What’s up with that? Does he think I’m in there playing Farmville instead? (Which I totally would, if the computer were in there…)

  5. says

    The hardest part for me is managing my time. I end up making lunches sometimes with the little one hovering. I really need to get my thoughts together the night before more often! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. says

    I actually don’t have kids either, but my husband and I are constantly trying to think of new things to take to school for lunch and sometimes it is really hard not to get stuck in a rut. I think we would enjoy using momables!! (and good practice for when we have kids :) )

  7. says

    The hardest part for me is thinking of some varieties as my daughter seems to get bored of the usual lunch I’m packing.
    angela_nicole29 at yahoo dot com

  8. says

    The hardest part for me is finding lunch ideas that are dairy-free and egg-free that are healthy, balanced meals that my kids will actually eat!

  9. says

    I love color in my lunches and we are dye free! It is becoming increasingly more difficult to come up with unique ways to add color!!

  10. says

    The most difficult part is making the minions wait while I take a picture… Or maybe it is the minions going crazy when I decide to make lunch. And washable markers do not always come out of everything.

  11. says

    My daughter seems bored with everything besides applesauce! Everything I think I’m making she’ll eat for sure, she decides she doesn’t like it that day and for the next several days.

    raspberrykitty at aol dot com

  12. says

    The hardest part for me has got to be balancing proportionally. With a 3 y/o who seems like he could eat the moon if I made it out of the right stuff, and a 4 y/o who would live off of three bites of food a day if it were possible, coming up with just the right amount for their growing bodies, while keeping foods exciting and different enough to get them to sit long enough to finish the meal is tough.

  13. says

    The most difficult part for me is planning ahead. I try not to serve what I made the day before but sometimes I find myself scrambling to come up with something new based on what is on the fridge. If I had ideas and planned menus out a week ahead then I could have the right ingredients on hand and eliminate that last minute scramble.


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