Muffin Meals: Blueberries & Pizza

Muffin Meals: Blueberries & Pizza
For this muffin meal, there are mini slices of homemade pizza, steamed broccoli, blueberries and blueberry wheat bundles.

Big D actually created this meal. I asked her to think up the perfect lunch. I was so happy I had everything she had envisioned (except for pepperoni for our mini pizzas). She was sooooo happy when I brought out this lunch. ” MOM!!! This is everything I LOVE!!” As you can see from the picture, I don’t think she could smile any harder :)
XO Chef Corey

Here is what I used for this Muffin Meal :)

Muffin Tin Monday at


  1. adorable! looks yummy and the picture is priceless.

  2. Super cute! And I love how you make it so easy for us to buy what we need to replicate! Thank you Chef Corey!!!

  3. Oh man! I need to start making these! You make muffin tin meals look so yummy!

  4. What a sweet smile! I guess I would be smiling too if my lunch looked so yummy!

  5. Where did you get the square liners at? Those look so cute!

  6. What a great meal! She is a great meal planner.

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