Bento Love: Spring Snack


Bento Love: Spring Snack

Bento Love: Spring Snack

For this bento lunch, there are ham stars and flower cheese cut-outs, carrot sticks, apples, bunny pretzel mix and a Joe Joe cookie. 



Here is Bid D, VERY happy about her snack, and Little D in a foul mood :) Ha!


I made the bunny pretzels dance around on the table a couple times and that won her over.

Things I used to make this lunch! XO Chef Corey



  1. I love those cups, they make everything look like a bouquet :) Big D’s sure smiling about hers!

  2. Love the snacks and the colorful cups:)Big D’s smile is precious!

  3. Hi Corey,

    I wanted to let you know I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award today, it’s on my blog! Have a wonderful weekend!

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