Mommy’s Day Off Bento!

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Mother's day lunch

Some of my bento blog friends and I decided, that in honor of Mother’s Day, it would be a great idea to take the day off from making lunches, and let the kids be in charge….giving Mommy a much need day off from lunch making.

When I told the girls they got to make their lunches, they both said ” YEEEEESSSSSS!” 

As a mother, I was a littler nervous about what they were going to put in their EasyLunchBox bentos. I was pleasantly surprised when I asked the girls what they wanted. 

 When I put the supplies out, both girls got to work quickly.

Here is Little D making her cheese shapes! 

“Look Momma! A flower!!!!!”

Big D was very careful making hers… taking her time and putting everything just right.

For Big D’s Lunch, there are raspberries, crackers, a mini English muffin, cheese and beef stick bites.
In Little D’s Lunch, there are apples, cheese, crackers, cottage cheese topped with raspberries.
They had the most fun using all of my bento picks and cutter. I think I might let them make lunches more often since they had SO much fun :)  


Now please go check out all the other bento mamas that took the day off! The kids are all so proud :) Next up is, What’s In John’s Lunch Bag?


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  1. says

    First I have to say that I love Big D’s shirt!! :)

    Adorable pics and they did a great job on their lunches.

    Isn’t it awesome how much fun and great choices they made?!

  2. says

    This hop sure made my girl and I hungry. Great lunches and I’m sure they both had fun exploring their world of bentos with their mama. Nice!


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