Bento Love: Veggies & NatureBox

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Bento Love: Veggies & Naturebox

For this lunch, there are broccoli florets, sweet veggie rice mix, NatureBox Organic Mighty Mix & some NatureBox Sun-Ripened White Peaches. 



The NatureBox was fantasic for the month of June! There were Apple Rings, Harvest Fruit Granola, Sun-Ripened White Peaches, Citrus Kicked Almonds and Organic Mighty Mix.


I will confess that I ate MOST of the Citrus Kicked Almonds and Harvest Fruit Granola.


Little D is obsessed with the white peaches!


Here is Big D trying to find all the different kinds of nuts and seeds in the Organic Might Mix. She found sunflowers seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds & peanuts :) 




I asked her why she wasn’t sorting out the raisins and dates? MOM! Those aren’t seeds or nuts!” Hahaha. I guess it was a silly question!


We all enjoyed this month’s NatureBox! Have you had a chance to try them out yet? 


What are you waiting for? A coupon code?

Here you go! Use promo code: REFER25 and you’ll receive 25% off your first month!

And remember, those awesome peeps over at NatureBox donate one meal for every box, to feed over 14 million children in America who go hungry. I love that! 

Here is that I used to make this yummy lunch! XO Chef Corey!

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  1. I’m loving my Nature Box subscription. It’s fun to read about how you used your snacks!

  2. Love naturebox!

  3. love those little dividers too ;) Lunch looks DELISH!

  4. The dividers are so cute!

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