Bento Love: Watering The Flowers Lunch


Bento Love: Watering The Flowers
For this Planetbox bento, there are pita chips, grapes, blueberries, granola bar, olives, tomatoes and turkey Ranch Fiesta roll-up flowers.

The girls have been helping me try to keep our flowers alive during this heatwave, with constant watering.


I thought it would be fun to make them a “thank you” lunch for watering the flowers. The leftover Ranch Fiesta Dip worked perfect for the turkey roll-ups :) YUM!







Here is what I used to make this lunch! XO Chef Corey



  1. Nice lunch! Love the roll ups ::)

  2. I love your use of the cookie cutter with the olives!

  3. um, this is FABULOUS. love the flower rollups AND soooooo clever using the cookie cutter! LOVES it!

  4. Fabulous lunch! Thinking I needs me a PlanetBox too! :)

  5. Cute!

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