My Eco 4-in-1 Bag System: Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

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My Eco 4-in-1 Bag System. BEST THING EVER! Read my review and entry for a chance to win your very own set!

I know what you are all thinking…. “Why are these better than the regular recyclable bags I have?”
Oh, let me count the ways….


 My Eco Bag System is a convenient, four shopping bags and storage tote system that fits perfectly together like a puzzle into the shopping cart, each bag is specifically designed for your needs.

I love organization, but need all the help I can get. This whole system organizes your groceries as you shop, making it even easier to get your groceries put away as soon as you get home. 

And when you’re done…. they all fold into each other, nice and neat, ready for your next trip! (insert high five!)



Let me tell you about each of the bags. 
The small bag is designed to hold glass bottles and jars. To prevent clanging together, there are fabric bands attached to the inside of the bag! How cool is that!

The medium bag is deigned with an insulated liner to pack chilled and frozen food that need to stay cold. This bag zips up to hold the cold temperature during the shopping trip.

The large bag is designed for all of your produce! Fruits and veggies fit nicely in here, and the anti bacterial liner makes it easy to wipe clean!

The extra large bag is designed to hold all other groceries. I put all my random stuff in there like tissue, coffee, cereal and snacks.

As soon as received My Eco Bag System… I couldn’t wait to try it out! 


The smallest of the bag, (glass, jars and bottles) is about the same size as my standard recyclable bag. The others are much larger and hold almost double the usual amount. 

I was concerned when I started packing in tons of jars and bottles of wine glass bottles into the bag. Will it hold? Will I be able to carry theses bags to the car? 

Not a problem at all. The straps on these bags are much longer and thicker than the conventional recyclable bags….making them super sturdy and very easy to carry. I was IMPRESSED!

As I shopped,  I placed the items in their corresponding bags. Then at check out, I quicikly unloaded each bag on the belt, placing the empty bag at the start of each section. It worked out great, and there was no question what things went into each bag. 

CONS (yes… I do have 1 little, teeny, tiny issue…but a solution too!): There wasn’t a good place to put cleaners/soaps. I really didn’t want them near food items, so I ended up putting them off to the side of the bags. Next time I will bring a small bag to keep inside the dry goods bag to separate those items.

I highly recommend the My Eco Bag System, and will be switching out my old bags for these. 


Now who wants to win a set of their own!!!

My Eco was generous enough to offer one of my readers  their very own My Eco Bag System for this fun giveaway!  

You will find 7 different ways/chances to enter this giveaway…remember the more entries, the better chance of your name being selected by the Rafflecopter :)

Open to US residents only. Entries will be accepted NOW, through Saturday, 8/18/12 at 12:01 am EST. The winner will be selected at random and announced on Saturday morning 8/18/12. I will email the winner, who must contact me at, no later than Tuesday, 8/21/12 at 6:00pm CST. 

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                                                        Can’t wait? Get it NOW!

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  1. Organization!

  2. Awesome! I only use reusable bags at the grocery and this would be SOOOO much nicer to fit/ keep in the car. LOVE IT.

  3. I love how everything is labeled and easily organized!

  4. Wow this is really cool! I’ll have to poke around for pix of the inside of the glass bag… how are the bands organized? No matter, this is radness!

  5. Love the insulated lined one.. so clever how they have these organized.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Organization makes me smile.

  7. This is so cool!

  8. Well for one thing.. MyEco is a solution to the not so organized baggers at the grocery store-love it!

  9. I like the entire idea! They look sturdy and I like having designated bags for specific items. It would also make putting groceries away easier too :)

  10. I love the organization and colors of the bags!

  11. I like how organized it is and how compact they are once everything is folded up.

  12. I drive a long way to get to a Trader Joe’s and fill up my cart there with cold foods and of course WINE bottles. I like that this has a place for me to put each one and it will be organized to get the perishables away faster. Way cool!

  13. so cool love how they all fold into one

  14. Lots to like – bigger and sturdier than my other bags, more organized, antimicrobial veggie bag…. These look nice.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My favorite feature would be organization – my ocd will be in heaven!

  16. I love that each one has its own function! Those are great!! :)

  17. I love the bottle bag has straps inside. That is great.

  18. I love the keeping cold things cold feature. Especially during this hot weather.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing. Love it.

  20. Apart from the fact that these bags are both reusable and meant to last, it’s really cool that they help pre-sort the groceries. Maybe the big words on the bags will help the baggers keep things sorted

  21. I love products you can use in so many different ways! It’s why I buy the things I do. Plus, teaching your children to reuse things is a good habit we should all get into.

  22. I am a neat freak and they would be perfect for me since I always separate my groceries into categories so they get packed together. These would make me look cool doing that :)

  23. I ♥ Reusable Bags but this takes the guess work out of what’s in which bag. :) Very awesome!

  24. These bags will make organizing my grocies so easy.

  25. These bags will make organizing my grocies so easy.

  26. The thermal one. To keep foods cold!

  27. I’m always forgetting something to keep cold food cold during errands. This would be fabulous. What a great system!

  28. I’m also a big fan of the thermal one! I don’t drive so do my grocery shopping by foot and always use my own bags … and never have a thermal one so I’m real wary about buying anything frozen. Of course, this may be a good thing as it keeps me from buying ice cream ;)

  29. This would make everything so much easier!

  30. What a great idea!

  31. I love how organized this would help me be! Awesome idea!

  32. Fave feature: That it all fits in the grocery cart!

  33. I love how they fit together to carry and also how the fit in the shopping cart!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I love that they are reusable and have sturdy handles. I also love the bright colors.

  35. I love the EASY organization!

  36. ah these look so awesome! i’m the freak that groups all my groceries by category at check out so having labeled bags would make unpacking so much easier!

  37. My favorite is the cold food section that keeps frozen or cold items at a good temperature.

  38. I could really use this bag with the Florida heat!

  39. I’ve been dying to get this! (maybe this is my chance!!) ;)

  40. Anonymous says:

    I so want this.

  41. I like that there is an insulated bag! I always worry about my cold stuff getting too warm between the grocery store and home, especially on 110+ degree days.

  42. Love this! Ive been searching for the perfect bag for my healthy lunches!

  43. I’ve always wanted to try reusable bags and this looks like a great way to start! I like that it’s labeled!!

  44. Knowing where everything is when I get it home.

  45. Wow, what a great system. I love the organization.

  46. For someone who already likes to separate produce and frozen when I shop this would be perfect for me – I love how the bags have their own purpose!

  47. These are the coolest shopping bags!!! Love!

  48. I love the bottle bag. It is always such a pain to pack the bottles in the reusable bags I have.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a great product

  50. Patti Keil says:

    This is such an awesome product…I would really be honored to own this! I love the reusable bags and use them all the time :-)

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