Bento Love: Ghostly School Lunch

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Come check out a TON of Halloween lunch ideas!
Fun Halloween school lunch ideas!

In this EasyLunchbox lunch, we have a mini veggie burger, topped with a cheese ghost, carrots, sweet potato fries and fruit leather.


For dessert is yogurt, a Trader Joe’s Jo Jo and a couple chocolate covered pretzels. (the eyes on the ghost and face of the pumpkin are candy cupcake decorations)

Halloween Fun!

DON’T go just YET! 
To give all of you some fun ideas for Halloween lunches,  some bento friends & I have all posted a TON of Halloween lunch ideas. So please take a moment and hop on over to the amazing Following In My Shoes to see another fun lunch. Keep on following the links until you make it back here! Have fun! Click HERE! 
Here is what I used for this Ghostly Lunch!


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  1. Love the sweet potato fries :)

  2. Love the ghost and your little ones saying “boo” lol

  3. Your kids are so cute! Love the ghost and the fries!

  4. I love your sweet potato fry jack o’ lantern!

  5. Cutest little BOOs ever!

  6. The kids are SOO cute! So are the lunches of course, too! Creative and fun!

  7. I love that expression on the ghost face!!! I love that you can see the delight in your little one’s eyes… Totally worth the fuss!!

  8. ha ha, such cute pics of your little girls! and the lunches are adorable too!

  9. So cute, both the lunch n ur girls. :)

  10. So spooky! Nice job.

  11. I love your super cute sweet potato fry and adorable ghost!:)

  12. Love the ghost! And your kids are so cute!

  13. I love your packing style! The cheese ghost is super cute!

  14. Corey, this is so cute and colorful — I wish I was so creative. I just love it. (and jealous of your photography skills!)

  15. Very cute!! Love the cheese ghost!

  16. Corey Cool J… I love this so hard.
    Hehe, I love the sweet potato fry pumpkin too :)

  17. This is super cute! I love the photos of your girls.

  18. The entire lunch is so cute and beautiful

  19. Love the sweet potato pumpkin!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network
    Link Rink

  20. Yummy sweet potato pumpkin, so creative!

  21. Love your ghostie! Awesome Halloween food! :D

  22. Love the girls so sweet!

  23. Lovely! The ghost looks so cute ;)

  24. Love those crooked ghost eyes! Such personality!

  25. I love your lunch! The crossed eyed ghost is adorable!

  26. Haha!! Awesome lunch! The expression on the ghost’s face is gold. Love it! :)

  27. Super adorable as always. My favorite is the sweet potato fry pumpkin :)

  28. wow..booo! hehe. . your children are adorable and awesome lunches

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