Back to School Lunch Meal Plans with MOMables

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Back to School Lunch Meal Plans with MOMables


How to pack lunches your kids will love! Back to School Lunch Meal Plans with MOMables


It’s the new school year, which means back to packing lunches for your little ones! It can get overwhelming to come up with new ideas that your kids will actually eat, especially if they are picky. I recently found an amazing resource and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Meet MOMables!


MOMables was started by Laura Fuentes, a mom of 3 young kids, to help other parents get out of the lunch packing rut. And, of course, I’m part of the MOMables team so I had HAD TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT! MOMables has a weekly school lunch meal plan with 5 lunch ideas, a prep-ahead sheet and a shopping list.


Today, MOMables is giving away a 3-month subscription to their meal plan and a $25 gift card to Amazon so you can purchase the lunch supplies you need!


Packing lunch every day, can be very stressful for most of us. Mornings can get hectic getting our kids dressed, our own teeth brushed and there never seems to be enough coffee to get us out the door quick enough!


As a mom of three kids under seven, Laura understands these struggles. In order to help us busy moms feed our kids fresh food, MOMables helps with a simple plan each week.


Family Fresh MealsYou can get a sample week from MOMables –yup, 5 lunch ideas, prep-ahead tips and a shopping list– for FREE! When you sign up for their weekly newsletterit’s loaded with free recipes, tips and much, much more.


If you are ready to let MOMables help you get out of your lunch packing rut, come up with new lunch ideas, and simplify your lunch packing routine… check out their plans and get ready to start making school lunches your kids will love.


MOMables is like a hiring a kitchen assistant to come up with school lunches your kids will actually eat, for only $6 per month!




If you are looking to get the school year to a good start, get help with picky eaters, and feel less overwhelmed with kids food in general; signing up is your first step!

The recipes come with packing tips so the food doesn’t go bad! Oh, and in case you were wondering, just like a good cookbook, all of the recipes are pictured so you know exactly what the food should look like.

Head on over and check out the weekly plan, find them on Facebook, or sign up for their free newsletter for weekly complimentary recipes.


MOMables is offering a Family Fresh Meals reader a FREE 3 month subscription to MOMables and a $25 Amazon gift card to stock up on any lunchbox essentials you need!


Simply enter using Rafflecopter below.  Each task completed = 1 entry. So the more you do, the more entries you get! Good luck :)



Back to School Lunch Meal Plans with MOMables. MOMables back to school giveaway - FamilyFreshMeals.comBack to School Lunch Meal Plans with MOMables Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway







Here is what I used to make this lunch!





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  1. Coming up with fun food creations.

  2. I just found your website and I am getting some great ideals from it. Thanks!

  3. Trying to find some fun inspiration and I found it!

  4. Finding healthy choices that kids will enjoy.

  5. Diana Simpson says:

    I struggle coming up with fun, functional yet easy lunches.

  6. Competing with lunhables!!!! They are getting good! I mean..I’m a mom and I notice how cool they are. So you know the turkey wrap and water don’t go far. How long will it be til DD trades for ‘fun’ food?

  7. Just the kind of post I was looking for to help me prep for the school year!

  8. My biggest struggle is my boys always want a warm lunch and don’t have access to a microwave at school.

  9. Coming up with a good variety of items

  10. Megan @ 1 Happy Momma of 2 says:

    Mixing it up and packaging it correctly

  11. My biggest lunchbox struggle is finding something nutritious and balanced my picky 3 year old will eat.

  12. Keeping apples and pears from browning once cut. In general keeping food fresh till lunch time.

  13. Love these ideas!! Off to Rafflecopter!

  14. My biggest lunch struggle is trying not to repeat the few things I know to do.

  15. I’m a big fan of MOMables and through them have found your website, love the ideas and tips!

  16. Sorry just saw the question…. I struggle with sides, coming up with something fun AND nutritious.

  17. Coming up with yummy ideas they will like more than once :-P

  18. Very excited about this post. Excited to get new ideas this year for school lunch!

  19. My biggest struggle is finding variety for my son’s lunch box!

  20. Lolcoconuts says:

    Variety and finding things they will eat.

  21. found your website and am loving the school lunch ideas!

  22. My twins are starting full day kindergarten this year, so packing lunches is a new venture for us. I’ve started thinking about it and am looking for fun creative ideas for things my kids will be happy to eat at school!

  23. Finding ideas, what to eat. I just don’t have imagination…

  24. Tara Yaravitz says:

    Coming up with new ideas to keep lunches exciting for my daughter.

  25. The stale-factor… As in, sending the SAME thing every every every day!

  26. My kids are very picky eaters..and I really like those plastic food organizers for their lunches! I’m going out to buy some today. School starts tomorrow and my kids rarely eat the schools lunches.

  27. Coming up with variety!

  28. I’m a new Kindergarten mom, my biggest struggle is knowing what she’ll eat and what she can eat in the time allotted! Looking for healthy choices and fun options that don’t take a lot of time to prepare.

  29. Keeping something hot for lunch! Or finding something she likes thats cold! My daughter loves pasta dishes, but not cold ones! Even a thermos gets cool. As yucky as school lunches are, she will eat them if they’re warmer than what she’s packed.

  30. Lindsay P says:

    Thank you! I pack lunches for my three grade-schoolers every single day and I’m always looking for fun new ideas to keep their lunches appealing!

  31. Kristin Russell says:

    My son is a picky eater, and he only wants to eat the same things every day.

  32. Trying to come up with new ideas so they don’t get tired of the same ‘ol thing!

  33. finding variety

  34. Crystal Hunter says:

    my biggest lunchtime struggle is finding new and fun foods that my 6 yr old picky eater will actually eat

  35. Thank you for the excellent contest! I love Momables tips.

  36. I’m loving all the great meals for my soon to be 7 year old. She enjoys helping me make them almost as much as she enjoys eating them.

    I’m already a member, but would love to be considered anyway!

  37. Alissabeth says:

    Minimizing sugar and incorporating high nutrient content foods so he’s productive all day.

  38. Katy Petrie says:

    My biggest lunchbox struggle is my kids. One day a lunch of chopped veggies, dip, crackers and lunch meat is DEVOURED. The next day they will not touch it. We have a few staples, but a kid should not live on bologna & mustard sandwiches. They seem to like diversity, so the more ideas I can get the better.

  39. Thank you! I started packing my son’s lunch last year when he started school. It has been the best thing for us as a family. I’ve started looking for fun new ways/ideas for lunch to keep it interesting and to help him in eating new foods.

  40. By far my biggest struggle is coming up with something other than the same old stuff that’s healthy but my kids will still eat. PLUS, I have two boys that have far different eating habits. It’s a task

  41. I’m new to packing lunches this year and am overwhelmed already. Glad for resources out there to hold my hand!

  42. Finding something that all three kiddos will eat instead of making three separate meals.

  43. Just seen this page and getting some awesome ideas!!! And Momables is awesome as well!!!

  44. Repetition! I tend to get in lunchbox ruts as the year goes on.

  45. Thank you for this great site! My biggest challenge is finding things that will stay hot or cold for 7-8 hours and not change.

  46. Lori Summers says:

    My biggest lunchbox struggle is trying to come up with new and different things to put in my daughter’s lunchbox instead of the same old sandwich, chips and drink. I would love some new ideas!! :)

  47. My biggest struggle is finding food that all of my kids can/will eat that is easy to make, healthy, and holds up in a lunch.

  48. My daughter hates sandwiches so it’s always a struggle as to new items to try that don’t mayo and are not a sandwich.

  49. I pack picnic lunches for my toddler a lot for when we go to the zoo and parks. It’s hard to come up with enough variety that he is willing to eat.

  50. My biggest struggle is finding variety. My girls get tired of sandwiches and wraps so I’m always looking to create fun, healthy meals for them.

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