After School Essentials

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{Sponsored by Plum Organics }
Take a peek inside our after school bag and enter to win the ultimate after school essentials!
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After school essentials with Plum kids and Family Fresh Meals
Moms and Dads feel the Back to School impact just as much as their kids.  I know as a mother of 2 kids in school, I am constantly worried and planning for the girls’ school day. 
Like many parents, my planning doesn’t stop at the end of the school day. After picking the girls up from school, it’s still go, go, go! There are after-school activities, sport practices and study groups. (can someone pass me some more coffee…
Because of this, I always make sure to have a bag jam packed with some after school essentials for the girls. 
Let me tell you about two of my favorite after school essentials.
{ Essential #1: Cleanwell Sanitizing Wipes }

I know my friends are laughing right now. Yes, I am a germaphobe. And let’s face it.  Back-to-School germs are crawling EVERYWHERE. So as soon as my chicas get in the car, they know to grab their sanitizing wipes to de-germ their hands :) Cleanwell Sanitizing Wipes are my favorite because the kid safe formula used for these wipes do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Cleanwell Sanitizing Wipes
{ Essential #2: Plum Kids Carroty Chop Mashups.  }

Please tell me you have heard of Plum Organics. I am sure you have noticed me using some of their products in my lunch post. LOVE these.  Plum Kids Mash Up come in a variety of flavors. Think of them as gourmet  applesauce, that are: super healthy, organic and without any artificial ingredients. Perfect!
Mama Pro Tip: Store these Carroty Chop Mashups in the freezer. When you are packing up your kiddo’s lunch or after school snack, use the Mash-Up 
as an edible ice pack. By the time they are ready to chow down, the pack will have been defrosted, while keeping everything else cool.
Plum Kids Mashups - Family Fresh Meals
Make sure to check out all of the awesome Plum Organics goodies HERE
Now on to the fun stuff!
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Plum Kids is partnering with its favorite mom bloggers to help moms and dads navigate the busy after school hours with a Plum Kids After School Essentials Bag. Not only do you have a chance to win here on Family Fresh Meals, BUT if you head on over to The Plum Organics Facebook Page, you can also enter to win an Ultimate After School Essentials Bag there too!  
Enter the Family Fresh Meals Ultimate After School Essentials Bag  using the Rafflecopter below. 
Plum Kids HUGE giveaway on
What’s in the bag?
Kindle Fire
Plum Organic Tote Bag
Coupons for Plum Kids
Lifefactory Waterbottle
Kiss My Face Sunscreen
Moleskine Pocket Notebook
Pack of Crayola Markers
Cleanwell Sanitizing Wipes
Fruit Shredz
Fruit/Veggie Shredz
Jammy Sammys
Blueberry Blitz Mashup Pouch
Carroty Chop Mashup Pouch
Berry Mashup Pouch
Pack of Slam Dunx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Corey, Darryl, Big D & Little D

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    • Dalena says

      Feeding your kids full of processed carbs and sugar is not a “GOOD” or “HEALTHY” snack! Try and do something with protein, good fats, and fiber! Like apples and p.butter or almond butter! Or celery and and any kind of nut butter!

  1. Rebecca says

    My kids are always looking for a quick snack before heading off to after school practices. I think we need to try the Mashups!

  2. says

    Healthy snacks, hand sanitzer and water is what we always have in our Go-bag! I really want to try the Mash-ups next for those late night football practices!

  3. Samantha says

    Hand wipes big must, as we do Girl Scouts after school. I’m always looking for good snacks for our troop {we have a few allergies in our troop} we eat a lot of fresh veggies & fruit.

  4. Marlene says

    With my 2 kids an after school bag is a must. It includes snacks, hand sanitizer, napkins, toys, a sweater, and a bottle of water. This raffle is awesome!

  5. Kristina says

    We like lemon water for me, and v8 fruit/veggie juice for the boys along with either apple slices, grapes, or carrot sticks and dip!

  6. Laura G.Turcotte says

    I usually have little snacks like mixed nuts, fruit, or fresh baked goods (raisin bread, cheese rolls, apple twists, etc.–all homemade!) and water…always water. I always carry a little bottle of sanitizer in my purse for wherever we go…germs, blech!

  7. Emily S. says

    Our after school routine includes a snack, homework & piano practice. So my esesentials include pencils, a snack & the piano!

  8. Michele B says

    My kiddo is always starving after karate so those Mashups would be great for the drive home. I will definitely be giving those a try!!

  9. says

    My 1yr is picked up from nursery school and then an hour later my 3yr gets off the bus so I don’t have a after school lunch bag as a do a purse and or staging area when the kids come in the house.
    Bubbles are an after school must in our house! They always put the kids in a good mood. And of course and duck duck moose app on my phone for the toddler 😉

  10. Nancy G says

    Water! My kids love to drink their water from their Hydro Flask, it keeps the water nice and cold that whole day.

  11. Kathy Damron says

    My kids love the Plum Mashups – especially the Carroty Chop one. It’s our most-requested “squeezie”!

  12. Jen says

    I would love to win this! I love your blog. So many good ideas for lunches that I use for myself and will use for my future children!


    play time… with only 10 minutes recess time during the day, my 9 year old needs physical activity before settling back down to do homework!


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