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Easy Valentine’s Day Cookies

Super Easy Valentine's Day Cookies __ #valentinesday

Simple and sweet.   There’s no doubt about it… I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Yes, I know, it’s a Hallmark holiday, but the little girl in me still can’t get enough of all those pink sparkly hearts. Plus, there is usually chocolate involved on this holiday. BONUS! Now on to these super EASY Valentine’s Day cookies. Have you seen those half dipped Valentine’s Day fortune cookies? SO CUTE! Since our local grocer…

The Best Father’s Day Recipes

Father's Day Recipes -

Let’s get ready for a Father’s Day Feast!   Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the Dads in our life. Here are some of The Best Father’s Day Recipes from Family Fresh Meals. So fill your pop’s belly up with one of these yummy recipes on his special day! The Best Father’s Day Recipes Breakfast Breakfast Lasagna Casserole Bacon Pancakes Cinnamon Rolls: Waffle Style Tropical Avocado Smoothie Starters/Appetizers

Mommy’s Day Off Bento!

    Some of my bento blog friends and I decided, that in honor of Mothers Day, it would be a great idea to take the day off from making lunches, and let the kids be in charge….giving Mommy a much need day off from lunch making. When I told the girls they got to make their lunches, they both said ” YEEEEESSSSSS!”  As a mother, I was a littler nervous about what they were going to put in their EasyLunchBox bentos. I was p…

Bento Love: Talk Like a Pirate Day Lunch


X marks the spot! Bento Love: Talk Like a Pirate Day In this Easy Lunchbox bento, you will find a mini cheese pizza, topped with facial decorations of cherry tomatoes, pepperoni, cheese, black olives, candy rope and eye. In the Easy Lunchbox Mini Dipper “Treasure Chest”, you will find treasures of coins & fruit snacks. The treasure map is on a zucchini cupcake with decorative sprinkles. I saw the idea for this pizza on Little Foo…

Happy Valentine’s Day: Breakfast

Pin It           Here is the Valentine’s Day breakfast I made for my valentines Hearts for the girls, and a love scene for my hubby I love Valentine’s Day! It must have been embedded in me as a child, seeing as my parent’s anniversary is Valentine’s Day as well Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Today the house will be full of hearts, glitter, love, hugs, kisses and love shaped food I’ll be posting our loving breakfas

Happy Valentine’s Day: I Love You Lunch

Pin It     Happy Valentine’s Day: I Love You Lunch   For this Easy Lunchbox bento, there are salami roll-ups, heart kiwi, oranges, heart-topped carrots, dressing for dipping, crackers, letter cookies, and heart shaped dried apricots and cheese.    In case you missed my morning post, today is a day full of LOVED filled meals. I made a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for my sweeties, and now it’s lunch time! The girls adored th…

Must Try St Patrick’s Day Recipes

Must Try St Patrick's Day Recipes - --

The 16 Recipes Every St. Paddy’s Day gathering must have! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means—time to break out the Corned Beef and Cabbage, Sheppard’s Pie and Guinness!   Here are a couple of my go-to Irish favorites I know you will love! Reuben Dip || Family Fresh Meals Crockpot Corned Beef and Cabbage || Family Fresh Meals Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Frosting || Family Fresh Meals Ch…

Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas for the Family

Valentine's Day Lunch box Ideas for the family -

  A little TLC goes a long way.     As I have talked abut before, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. February is almost here, so I thought it would be a great time to give you guys some quick Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas you can use for your family.   You’ll see that I have paired all my Valentine’s Day Lunchbox ideas with a fun Lunchbox Love® card.  For this holiday of love and friendship, Lunchbox Love® is offering a special, two vo…

Bento Love: Easy Sweetest Day Lunch

 Guess what day tomorrow is?       Yes, tomorrow is the wonderful Hallmark Holiday, Sweetest Day. I always fall victim because I’m a sucker. To show my sweeties a little extra love for Sweetest Day, I packed a lunch FULL of love   In this EasyLunchbox, you will find a sandwich topped with cheese hearts, some fresh veggies and a 100 calorie pack of guacamole.   Funny story about guacamole. I have been known to say the phrase “Holy gua…

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Lunchbox Ideas

Fun St. Patrick Day School Lunch Ideas ----

  Lucky lunches….coming right up!     St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and to celebrate this green filled holiday, I thought I would share some fun and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Lunchboxes.   I hope you enjoy and get to use some of these ideas in the up coming weeks.     {School Lunch} In this PlanetBox I packed a couple mini muffins, a skewer of rainbow fruit that leads to some gold coins, and some “broccoli po…

St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft

        Can you believe St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner? I found this cute St. Patrick’s Day Craft  on Pinterest last month,and couldn’t wait to give it a try with the girls.   The thing I loved most, was that fact that if combined a craft AND food ! What you need for this project: -1 bell pepper-green paint-paint brush-paper   1. Cut off a thick slice of pepper. 2. Carefully paint the edges with green. 3. Gently p…

25 Father’s Day Favorites

Father's Day Favorites - -

Show Dad some love with a great meal. You know, dads don’t get enough credit. There are like a million songs about motherssome happy, some sappy, and some funny—but can you think of even one about fathers? It’s time to give some props to Dad. The guy who changed your diapers…taught you to tie your shoes…helped you with your homework…sternly vetted all your dates throughout high school…took a million photos at your gradua…

Bento Love: St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Lunch


…lice of bread topped with cheese, and green bell pepper, blueberry stuffed strawberries, mini green apple clovers, pretzels with dip and alphabet cookies. The girls were super excited about all the colors and crunch! I didn’t even notice until Big D said something about almost everything in the lunch having a nice crunch. Isn’t that funny how kids pick up of those things Some bento friends & I have all posted today, in honor of S

Bento Love: Groundhog Day


Pin It   Will he see his shadow?!? A longer winter… or is summer around the corner? Hmmmmmm…..     Bento Love: Groundhog Day For this Easy Lunchbox bento there is a turkey & cheese “groundhog” sandwich with cheese details, on a bed of spinach. On the top left is a cheese snowman on a pile of “snow” cottage cheese. On the right is Greek yogurt (dyed blue) with cheese clouds, flower and an orange sun.  …

FunBites of Love for Mom ……..and GIVEAWAY!


st in case you missed it, here is my full review of FunBites… check it out here. I give you all the details and fun pictures on how to used these amazing cutters. In short, FunBites  cuts kids’ food into fun-shaped bite-sized pieces. You can use them on pancakes, deli sandwiches, grilled cheese, burgers/veggie burgers, fruit and more! Bite-sized meals in less than 10 seconds     Now on to the Fun Bites GIVEAWAY!!!!!   Mothers D…

Fantasy Football Draft Day Cookies!


It’s draft day for the fun Married With Children fantasy football teams. Our team has lost every year…. so to bring some good mojo to the our team picks, I made some yummy football sugar cookies I had such a fun time making these! All you have to do it make your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and decorate with frosting! Her is the great sugar cookie recipe I use Hope you enjoy! XO- Corey *You can vote EVERY TIME you visit. Just click…

Bento Love: Day at the Spa


  Bed of blue rice, open-faced turkey sandwich, provolone cheese towel head wrap & robe collar, cucumber eye covers, green mayo mask, pepperoni lips & nostrils, fruit leather earrings and necklace. I saw this one online (by Sakuraku Kitso), and had to try it! hahah Didn’t turn out as good as the pro’s, but still fun and the girls loved it!…

25 Easy Brunch Recipes

25 EASY BRUNCH RECIPES - Family Fresh Meals -

Brunch, brunch baby. Brunch. It really is the king of all meals. It’s basically a decadent breakfast that’s served later in the day, which affords you the time to catch some extra lazy moment in bed Now that Spring is FINALLY here, easy brunch recipes are in high demand for Easter, Mothers Day and also Father’s Day. To help prepare you for this brunch-packed season, I’ve got  your Saturday and Sunday a.m. plans covered w…