Snowman Cups


Today, I am playing Santa Claus.

My elves are my two daughters, who are helping me make

these adorable snowman pudding cups.


  Snowman Cups -


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Easy and Fun Christmas Food Ideas

30+ ways to make them smile!

30 + Fun Christmas Food Ideas  for lunchboxes - -



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Easy Holiday Appetizer Idea

A simple and satisfying appetizer

you can make in minutes!


Easy Holiday Appetizer Idea - -


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Holiday Ranch Cheese Ball

What’s better than a cheese ball?

A cheese snowman, that’s what!


Holiday Ranch Cheese Ball -


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Fun Halloween Donuts

Some more spooky fun Halloween food coming your way!


Spooky Fun Halloween Donuts - - - Fun for Halloween Breakfast or Dessert!


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Fun Halloween Pizza Ideas


Surprise those hungry ghouls and goblins with these fun Halloween pizza ideas!


Fun Halloween Pizza Ideas -


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Fun Halloween Food Spider Egg Donuts

The itsy bitsy spider….


Fun Halloween Food Spider Egg Donuts - Halloween Appetizer -




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4th of July Breakfast


A perfect start to the 4th of July! 


4th of July Breakfast --


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Cute Sandwich Idea for Summer


He might just be too cute to eat! 


Cute Sandwich Idea for the Summer - - That's where you will find this cute sandwich idea I created for the guide!  Head on over to get the quick and easy direction on how to make this adorable sandwich. Mr. Crab will surely bring lasting lunch smile to your kiddo's face.


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Easter Egg Quesadilla


A fun Easter snack the whole family will love! 


Easter Egg Quesadilla -


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