Easy and Fun Christmas Food Ideas

30 + Fun Christmas Food Ideas for lunchboxes - familyfreshmeals.com -

30+ ways to make them smile! Happy holidays everyone!  I know that this time of year is CRAAAAZY for most of us, and making fun lunches for your kiddos is probably #582 on your priority list.  Soooooo, for my lunchbox post this week, I thought it would be helpful to show you some quick, easy and SUPER […]

Week 20: Fun Lunchbox Ideas

week 20 fun lunchbox ideas - familyfreshmeals.com --

Some more lunchbox fun coming your way!  (Post contains affiliate links) Howdy folks! Corey here, bringing you another installment of my weekly lunchbox round-up. Here’s a few lunches I packed this week for the girls. I hope you enjoy this set of  fun lunchbox ideas! {School Lunch} A quick chopped salad, croissant, cheese crackers  and a […]

Week 18: School Lunch Box Ideas

Week 18 School Lunch Box Ideas - FamilyFreshMeals.com

A set of fresh new lunchboxes, coming your way!  (post contains affiliate links) TGIF! I hope you all had a lovely week. How’s the lunch packing been going? Remember if you ever have any questions or tips to share, leave it in the comments at the end of the post. I always love to hear […]

School and Work Lunchbox Ideas -week 17

School and Work Lunchbox Ideas - familyfreshmeals.com

I’ve got some work AND school lunches for you this week! (contains affiliate links) Another week has gone by and I have a whole new set of lunches to share with you! This week I have included a couple school lunches AND a couple lunches I packed for myself. Not only is it easy to […]

School Lunch Round Up Week 16

School Lunch Round Up Week 16 -- FamilyFreshMeals

How’s the lunch packing going folks? I hope you are all still having fun packing up those lunches! Recently, I have had some comments come in about kids not eating certain foods…… something like, “My kid wouldn’t touch an olive!” “I don’t know any kids who would eat broccoli for lunch!” “You’re in a dream […]

Rock The Lunchbox – School Lunchbox Ideas

Rock The Lunchbox – School Lunchbox Ideas -- Week 15 - FamilyFreshMeals.com

Let’s ROCK this lunchbox! We have officially made it through the first week of school over here.  Even thought it was fun to have a lunch packing break this summer, it sure felt good to breakout all my lunchbox supplies and get to work! Now that school is back in session, I am excited to […]

Fuss Free Valentine Lunchbox Ideas

Fuss Free Valentine's Lunchbox Ideas

  Say “I Love you” with a little lunch box love!  It’s just about Valentine’s day and that means I have an excuse to go nuts with all things lovey-dovey for my kids’ lunchboxes. I made some easy ideas for lunches that say “I love you” for BettyCrocker.com.  With a couple heart cookie cutters and some food […]

Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas for the Family

Valentine's Day Lunch box Ideas for the family - FamilyFreshMeals.com

  A little TLC goes a long way.     As I have talked abut before, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. February is almost here, so I thought it would be a great time to give you guys some quick Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas you can use for your family.   You’ll see that I have paired […]

Summertime Cooler Snacks and Lunch Ideas

Summertime cooler snacks and lunch ideas - Family Fresh Meals

What snacks are in your summertime cooler? It’s summertime and that means the kids and I are go-go-go. Since school is out, we try to pack in a ton of trips to the beach, pool and local parks. To keep my family fueled up during these fun outings, I make sure to have the cooler […]

Bento Love: Cheese Please


  Who said lunch as to be complicated?       For this LunchBot  bento, there are turkey pepperoni roll-ups, cheese, crackers, cottage cheese and a cherry tomato. On the left are 2 cheese wedges and a pear.    Here is Little D enjoying her pear a little too much HA! Here is what I used […]

Bento Love: Is the Moon is Made of Cheese?


      Bento Love: The Moon is Made of Cheese   For this lunch there is a moon made of shells and cheese, with nori details, raspberry applesauce topped with marshmallow stars, strawberry Greek yogurt topped with star sprinkles, grapes and cheese stars, with some pineapple chunks on the side.  My girls were “over the moon” excited […]

Awesome Back to School Lunch Supplies

Awesome back to school lunch supplies - FamilyFreshMeals.com

  Hello, My name is Corey, and I’m addicted to bento & back to school lunch making supplies!             Please don’t judge… I know I Might Have a Problem. Every time I see a new lunch cutter, or bento box….I just must buy it!  I have had several requests in […]