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Chocolate Boozy Bunnies - Family Fresh Meals

Chocolate Boozy Bunnies

Serve up a selection of these Chocolate Boozy Bunnies at your Easter get-together, and watch it become just as much fun for the adults.
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  • 1 small chocolate bunny of your choice if having a party, you may want to offer a few different types of chocolate bunnies, we used white chocolate.
  • 20 ml of your preferred liquor I used Baileys Almande
. Top the rest off with cold coffee (flavored to your preference).
  • Paper straws cut to size.
  • Tiny funnel or medicine dispenser


  • Chill the bunnies in the fridge for about 30 minutes before starting to work with them.Use a sharp knife to slowly twist and basically drill a hole in the top/back side of the bunny. Try to select a spot that is high enough up that a straw can be used and that it will be less likely to leak out. Drilling in at a slight angle will help with this.
  • You can add the coffee and liquor separately or mix them ahead of time and add everything together. I like to use a small medicine dispenser.
  • If ready to serve you can set them on trays and add the straws. Or you can make these ahead of time and keep them chilled overnight.