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How to Ship Baked Goods for the Holidays

To ensure that your holiday treats don't get destroyed through the mail, here are tips and directions on how to ship baked goods.
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  • You favorite breads, fudges or cookies


  • Things that ship well: baked quick breads, fudge, flavored popcorn, cookies that stay fresh.
  • Wrap each type of cookie or baked good separately. Do not mix cookies etc. so that flavors do not mingle.
  • Choose cookies and baked goods that will stay fresh for at least 5 days in an airtight container. To ship cookies, use gallon size ziplock bags to pack up. Can place a sheet of cardboard in with the cookies to keep them on a flat surface.
  • Place parchment or waxed paper between any layers of cookies or baked goods.
  • For breads or muffins, wrap loaf or muffins individually in plastic wrap. It makes a really cute and complete gift to put a wrapped loaf or muffins back into a baking pan and ship the whole thing. Cute gift plus it helps keep the soft breads from getting squished during shipping.
  • The key to successfully shipping baked goods is to pack them tightly. Put a layer of packaging under your packed baked goods. Tuck packing peanuts or packing materials tightly around all sides and then over the top of the baked goods so that they’re surrounded completely by packing material. You want as little wiggle room as possible. When they wiggle, they crumble and we don’t want that.
  • Think of including cute tags or a copy of the recipe.
  • Could package baked sugar cookies along with some frosting and sprinkles for kids to receive a cookie decorating kit.
  • Most craft stores and even grocery stores have decorative tins and containers for sale during the holidays.
  • Wash and dry store bought containers before packing baked goods inside.
  • Remember to layer baked goods with parchment paper between.
  • It's important to wrap the items in plastic wrap or a ziplock bag before putting into the tins or wrapping the whole tin in some plastic wrap. The tin and paper packaging alone are not going to keep most items fresh for the length of time it takes to ship and receive baked goods.