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Bento Love: Chain of Love…. and Smart Planet Eco Lunch Box Review & GIVEAWAY!!!


…y tomatoes and a chain of cucumbers Around the edge is a fruit leather rope for dessert.   The girls loved this lunch….especially the cucumber chain. To make it fun, we interlaced arms and said the three of us were a chain of love They also loved trying out a cool new bento lunch box by Smart Planet The entire bento was devoured by my girls.                       Now on to the REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!!! The wonderful people at  Smart Planet o…

Fun Lunch box Ideas for the Family Week 4

Easy Lunchbox Ideas for the Family -

  Here comes some fun lunch box ideas to try next week!         Howdy everyone! Another week of school has gone by.  Have you found yourself stuck in the same old  sandwich rut? If so, I have made a couple different types of sandwiches this week.  I hope this helps spark some new ideas for your lunchboxes! Here are the Fun Lunch Box Ideas for the Family – Week 4.  As always, I try to make all of these lunches in 10 minutes or less.  We are…

Review & Giveaway: Lunch Box Love Notes


…y Times Designs . The site offers tons of cute items for your kiddos.  Family Time Designs  offers a variety of lunch box love notes… something for all ages. Here is part of a set which is designed for the younger ones….having more pictures and less words.       My girls (2 & 4), not being able to read many words yet, were so excited about these little notes. The bright colorful pictures are perfect for bringing a smile to your ch…

Family Lunch Box Ideas – Week 12

Family Lunch box ideas

  A peek into our lunchbox week!       Howdy Family Fresh Mealers! I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far. Here is a round up of some lunches I packed for the week.  I hope they spark some lunch-packing inspiration for you   A quick side note:  You’ll see I have packed edamame again this week (a family fav)  I had a friend ask me how the heck I got my kids to like edamame. Well, for starters they are yummy! haha That always help…

Week 18: School Lunch Box Ideas

Week 18 School Lunch Box Ideas -

A set of fresh new lunchboxes, coming your way!  (post contains affiliate links) TGIF! I hope you all had a lovely week. How’s the lunch packing been going? Remember if you ever have any questions or tips to share, leave it in the comments at the end of the post. I always love to hear about what you’re packing, and of course,  love to help if you have a question There’s nothing too special about lunch this week. Just some good…

My Favorite Back to School Lunch Supplies

My Favorite Back to School Lunch Supplies -

…and that means it’s officially back to school season. This right here is the MOTHER LOAD of all must have lunch making supplies. All of these wonderful supplies are what make my school year a breeze when it comes to crafting fun lunches for my kiddos. And guess what?! There might be an amazing giveaway at the end of this most…. so keep reading! Let’s start with the most important part. The Lunchbox. They come in all shapes and s…

Awesome Back to School Lunch Supplies

Awesome back to school lunch supplies -

  Hello, My name is Corey, and I’m addicted to bento & back to school lunch making supplies!             Please don’t judge… I know I Might Have a Problem. Every time I see a new lunch cutter, or bento box….I just must buy it!  I have had several requests in the past couple months to post about the tools I use to make my lunches. The bottom draw of my kitchen island lunch making station.  Awesome Back to School Lunch

Fun Halloween Lunch Box Ideas – week 19

Fun Halloween Lunch Box Ideas - - Fun and easy!

Last minute spookified lunches!  (Post contains affiliate links) Time is running out to squeeze in those last creepy-cool Halloween lunches this year.  Here are a few more I made, that both my girls LOVED! Let me know what scary grub you packed for your kiddos! Need MORE spooky lunchbox ideas? Check these out! {School Lunch} Cliff Bar, apple sauce, pretzel fish, a side salad and a mini dipper filled with salad dressing. Packed in an EasyLunchbox

Fun and Easy Christmas Lunch Idea

Fun and Easy Christmas Lunch ----

…bly one of your last lunch packing days before the holiday break, I wanted to share this Fun and Easy Christmas Lunch idea with you.   To make this holiday lunch extra special, I wrapped up the items in Big D’s lunch with Christmas paper. When she sits down at lunch today, she will open up her lunch cooler to find a mini lunch Christmas!   In her EasyLunchbox, I packed a snowman sandwich, pear, Pirate Booty, apple sauce and some carrot stic…

Over 50 Healthy Work Lunchbox Ideas

50 healthy work lunch ideas -

 Ready to healthify your lunch routine? The start of a new year is a great time for changing up our old routines. You know, breaking away from bad habits-or just boring ones-and trying something new. Where better to start than with your lunch box? After all, we all have to eat lunch every day, but there’s no reason it has to be the same lunch every day. Sure, it’s easy to keep packing the same old turkey sandwich and apple and chips,…

Back to School Lunch Meal Plans with MOMables

How to pack lunches your kids will love!

…mentary recipes. MOMables is offering a Family Fresh Meals reader a FREE 3 month subscription to MOMables and a $25 Amazon gift card to stock up on any lunchbox essentials you need! Simply enter using Rafflecopter below.  Each task completed = 1 entry. So the more you do, the more entries you get! Good luck Back to School Lunch Meal Plans with MOMables Giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway   Here is what I used to make this lunch!  …

Lunch Box Ideas: My Song Birds


 Send a song to school for lunch!       My girls are always running around singing fun songs. I lovingly call them MY song birds. I thought it would awesome to make them a Song Bird lunch…..just to let them know how much I enjoy all of their beautiful songs   Packed in this lunch box are cucumber slices, yogurt, jelly and cream cheese roll-up sandwiches, chocolate covered pretzels and craisins. The lunch is garnished with some fruit leathe…

Rock The Lunchbox – School Lunchbox Ideas

Rock The Lunchbox – School Lunchbox Ideas -- Week 15 -

Let’s ROCK this lunchbox! We have officially made it through the first week of school over here.  Even thought it was fun to have a lunch packing break this summer, it sure felt good to breakout all my lunchbox supplies and get to work! Now that school is back in session, I am excited to share even more lunch packing ideas for both school and work lunches.  Have you heard about Rock the Lunchbox? It’s a website dedicated to sharing s…

Lunch Box Ideas

Lunchbox Ideas for the Family

Lunch Box Ideas All Lunch Box Ideas Bento Box Lunches Leftovers for Lunch Lunchbox Ideas for the Family Quick & Easy…

Packing the Ultimate Lunchbox

Ultimate Lunch box Mommy and Me lunchbox ideas - Family Fresh Meals

  {This post has been sponsored by Lindsay} I’ll be the first one to admit, that packing lunches for my family  can be a major chore at times.  As a busy parent, my definition of the ultimate lunchbox is one that saves me time. You all know how nice that extra 15 minutes of snooze sleep feels in the morning….. Am I right? This is why I LOVE  Mommy and Me lunches.   What are Mommy and Me lunches you ask?  These are lunches that use si…

Fun and Easy Halloween Lunch Ideas

Fun and Easy Halloween Lunch Ideas - Family Fresh Meals

…ch Ideas   were all assembled  in about 10 minutes (with the exception of heating up the edamame for one of the lunches).  I hope these lunches bring you some spooky fun ideas to try out for Halloween.      { School Lunch } Edamame topped with candy eyes, bread and cheese bites, grapes and a piece of my super yummy Halloween Bark. Packed in EasyLunchboxes   { School Lunch } For this Planetbox lunch there are carrot, celery, rolled up lunch meat a…

Smart Planet Collapsible Containers Review and GIVEAWAY!


    Bento Love: Happy Lunch For this lunch there is a bed of quinoa and wild rice, topped with a turkey pepperoni smile. On top are kiwi eyes, one topping cottage cheese, the other on honey yogurt. This happy face is topped off with a raspberry nose The wonderful folks over at Smart Planet  recently contacted me about a couple new lunch boxes they have just released. I was a big fan of their other lunch boxes, so I couldn’t wait to get my…

School Lunch Round Up Week 16

School Lunch Round Up Week 16 -- FamilyFreshMeals

…s. Here is what I packed this week for the girls. As always, I try to keep these ideas quick yet cute! For this lunch, I packed a puzzle sandwich, cheddar puffs, apples, carrots and some mini cookies. Pack in EasyLunchboxes The apple and gummy worm from last week was a HUGE hit, so I decided to pack that favorite up again here.  There’s also a half sandwich, baked chips and some avocado. LUNCH TIP: To prevent avocado from browning, squirt t…

Lunchbox Ideas with PlanetBox Review & Giveaway

Planetbox Review and Giveaway -

Win one of these awesome PlanetBoxes NOW!   If you have been following my Family and Kid lunchbox ideas, you can see that I LOVE our PlanetBox.  PlanetBox is the smart lunchbox that guides you in packing a well-balanced meal quickly and easily.   As you can see, there are several pre-proportioned compartments in the tray, that are the  perfect size for fruit, veggies, sandwich, and treats. This Rover set also comes with two small round containe…

Easy Lunchbox Ideas for the Family

Lunchbox Ideas for the family - Week One

Need some easy lunchbox ideas that LOOK good too? Back to school is in full swing around here. I now have a 1st grader and a preschooler! Wowzers!   Needless to say there will be a lot of lunch making going on over here, and I hope to post a round-up like this each Friday  Hopefully I can help  ya’ll with some easy lunchbox ideas for everyone in the family. I try to keep the assembly of each lunch under 10 minutes.   Although some may loo…