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Hi, I’m Corey….proud mother of “Big D” & “Little D” and awesome wife to Darryl 🙂

I have found great joy in posting step-by-step recipes of new and fun, fresh meals that the whole family can enjoy.  This blog is full of my love of fresh food, family & friends. Hope you Enjoy!

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Over a decade ago, I started Family Fresh Meals because I wanted to share the fun of cooking meals that families would enjoy together. Back when my journey began, I was a new parent trying to figure out the best way to make mealtime special for my family. It wasn’t just about making sure we all had something to eat; it was about creating happy moments, bringing us closer, and making sure our meals were healthy and tasty.

With my husband’s support and our two little kids, who were very young back then, I decided to start a blog where I could share recipes that were easy to make, good for you, and perfect for people of all ages. These recipes had to be something that everyone would like, even as my kids grew up and their tastes changed.

Over the years, as my children grew into teenagers, Family Fresh Meals grew too. It became a place where I could share all the things we’ve learned from spending time together in the kitchen and sitting around the dinner table. It’s full of our favorite recipes, new ideas for meals, and tips for keeping things simple and enjoyable.

Today, Family Fresh Meals is more than just a blog. It’s a story about how much fun cooking for your family can be. It’s a helpful guide for parents who want to make mealtime a happy time, and it’s a community for anyone who believes in the magic of a homemade meal to bring people together.

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