How to Pack Soup for Lunch In 3 Easy Steps





How excited will your kiddos be to have some nice WARM soup for lunch?!


Warm soup for lunch

3 Easy StepsPacked in this lunch are raspberries, celery, carrots, half a sandwich and some Blueberry Almond Bites from NatureBox.


I recently leaned how to pack warm soup for lunch from MOMables.


 It’s so easy AND how excited will your kiddos be to have some nice warm soup at lunchtime during the cold winter!

Here is how to pack soup for lunch in 3 EASY steps! 

1.First warm up your soup on the stove-top or microwave. 


2.While you wait for the soup, fill your thermos with some boiling water. Seal thermos and let sit for a couple minutes. This process warms up the thermos in order to keep the soup warm until lunch time. 


3. When your soup is done, simple empty boiling water and fill with soup. 

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Here is what I used to pack soup for lunch! XO Corey


  1. Great idea! Now I’ve got to find the perfect Thermos and I’ll be able to pack soup, too.

  2. I would like to know where you got your thermos. Thanks.

    • So sorry I forgot to add the link to the thermos Liz! I just add it to the end of the post. We got our thermos through Amazon.

  3. I need to try this! I’ve avoided soup because of the whole “no way to warm it up” factor. Brilliant!

  4. This looks like a thermos funtainer, they’re 10 oz. you can find them on amazon or in most large stores like target or Walmart. I have two and use them all the time for my kids. I’ve also found the preheat to be an extra step that can be skipped, the food is just as warm withou it.

    • Yes, we LOVE FUNtainers. I did get mine on Amazon. Sorry I didn’t include a link for that. I just added a link to Amazon for the containers we used.

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