Bento Love: Groundhog Day

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Will he see his shadow?!? A longer winter… or is summer around the corner? Hmmmmmm…..

Will he see his shadow?

Bento Love: Groundhog Day

For this Easy Lunchbox bento there is a turkey & cheese “groundhog” sandwich with cheese details, on a bed of spinach. On the top left is a cheese snowman on a pile of “snow” cottage cheese.


On the right is Greek yogurt (dyed blue) with cheese clouds, flower and an orange sun.




  1. You attention to detail in this is amazing Corey. There’s such a story going on in this one!

  2. Bring on the yogurt!

  3. This is wayyyy too cute :) Your lunches are so healthy and fresh looking!

  4. Oh! I love this! ~Absolutely ADORABLE!! :)

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