Bento Love: Oscar the Grouch & Slimy

Oscar the Grouch & Slimy lunch box

Bento Love: Oscar the Grouch & Slimy:

For this Easy Lunchbox bento there is a spinach “Oscar the Grouch” with cheese & olive eyes, cheese mouth colored with food markers & a bread eyebrow.

On the right is a cheese “Slimy” colored with food markers. In the trash can is cottage cheese. On the top  is a “garbage” mix of Sun Chip Mix & fruit leather.

small child looking at Oscar the Grouch lunchbox

If you are having a hard time getting your kids to eat spinach, this is a great way to get them to try it 🙂

Little D was so excited to eat her Sesame Street friend!

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  1. this is awesome! i will share with my sesame-loving mommy friends!

  2. That is great. Did the face stay in place until lunch time or did it slide around?

    1. My kiddos still eat at home (not in full time school yet) so I only had to move it from the fridge to the table 🙂