Bento Love: St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Lunch

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Bento Love: Lucky Lunch
For this Planetbox lunch, there is a whole wheat slice of bread topped with cheese, and green bell pepper, blueberry stuffed strawberries, mini green apple clovers, pretzels with dip and alphabet cookies.

The girls were super excited about all the colors and crunch! I didn’t even notice until Big D said something about almost everything in the lunch having a nice crunch. Isn’t that funny how kids pick up of those things :)

Some bento friends & I have all posted today, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. We did it early in the week to give all of our readers ideas for fun St. Patrick’s Day lunches! So please take a moment and hop on over to the spectacularCrazy?…Maybe! to see another fun lunch. Keep on following the links until you make it back here! Have fun! Click HERE!

Things I used for this lunch! XO Chef Corey

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  1. Love your pepper shamrock and those letter cookies. Great idea!

  2. Those letter cookies are cute! Great St. Pat’s lunch!

  3. oh that is adorable Corey! :)
    love the alphabet cookie use and bright pepper & cheese on the bread.

  4. Super FABULOUS lunch! Love the bell peppers and the clover dip box!

  5. I love the word lucky in this lunch! What a wonderful meal!

  6. genius use of a bell pepper! I must use your idea!

  7. Your 4 leafed clover grilled cheese is awesome, looks sooo good! Lucky girls indeed :)

  8. that is soooo cute! I love it!

  9. I love how you spelled out “Lucky!”

  10. Sweet bento!

  11. Those berries look like little leprechaun toadstools! Love it!

  12. So so cute! I’m glad the crunchy lunch was loved :D

  13. One LUCKY kid, for sure! I wish mine would eat green peppers. :) Super cute!

  14. I adore you. Your lunches are amazing. Stop posting such great pictures of the Planetbox. SERIOUS box envy going on over here!!!

  15. Super CUTE!!! :)

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