Bento Love: St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Lunch

top down image of a St. Patrick's Day themed lunchboxBento Love: Lucky Lunch

For this Planetbox (aff link)  lunch, there is a whole wheat slice of bread topped with cheese, and green bell pepper, blueberry stuffed strawberries, mini green apple clovers, pretzels with dip and alphabet cookies.

The girls were super excited about all the colors and crunch! I didn’t even notice until Big D said something about almost everything in the lunch having a nice crunch. Isn’t that funny how kids pick up of those things 🙂Child sitting at a table with lucky lunch box

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  1. Love your pepper shamrock and those letter cookies. Great idea!

  2. Those letter cookies are cute! Great St. Pat’s lunch!

  3. oh that is adorable Corey! 🙂
    love the alphabet cookie use and bright pepper & cheese on the bread.