Bento Love: Fourth of July Fun!


Top down image of a 4th of July themed lunchBento Love: Fourth of July Fun!

For this GoodByn lunch, there are green grapes surrounding a star of Chobani Greek yogurt, turkey and tomato firework kabobs and blueberries & strawberries for dessert!

I bet you could guess that the firework kabobs were the favorite part of the lunch. After the girls were finished eating, they took the picks outside and pretended they were real fireworks (along with making all sorts of sound effects….. BOOM, BANG, POP!)

These ladies are ready for the real deal!Little girl sitting at table with 4th of July themed lunchbox

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  1. What a fun lunch! I love the streamers and your double cupping the circle and the star!

  2. Oh this is SO cute, Corey!!
    Love that you used the blue goodbyn 🙂 clever!
    Also the star cup inside the red on just adds a nice detail to the star. Great job!!
    Little Miss would love the firework kebobs too. 🙂

  3. My daughter is sitting next to me and she LOVES your picks!!

  4. Adorable!!!! I’m absolutely in love with how you’ve got the yogurt 🙂