Bento Love: Talk Like a Pirate Day Lunch Box

top down image of a school lunch box themed with pirate decorated foodsBento Love: Talk Like a Pirate Day

In this Easy Lunchbox bento, you will find a mini cheese pizza, topped with facial decorations of cherry tomatoes, pepperoni, cheese, black olives, candy rope and eye.left picture has a white cupcake with pirate x marks the spot, middle picture is a mini pizza decorated to look like a pirate, last picture has a little sauce container with a treasure chest label

In the Easy Lunchbox Mini Dipper “Treasure Chest”, you will find treasures of coins & fruit snacks. The treasure map is on a zucchini cupcake with decorative sprinkles. I saw the idea for this pizza on Little Food Junction last year and have had it bookmarked for this very day!

I hope you loved this Pirate Lunchbox Ideas

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  1. So many wonderfully creative touches! Great job!!