Five Things Friday Week 17

Five things Friday - Week 17


Howdy Family Fresh Meals family and friends!

Welcome back to another week of Five Things Friday! Each week I’ll be sharing some of the coolest things I have found, bought or I’m dying to try! Let the fun begin with Five Things Friday Week 17!

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Five Things Friday Week 17

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1. The folks at LampyPets sent me one of these cute bedside lamps to try out. My girls just LOVED it! Each LampyPet has an expected life span of 20,000 hours! The lamps have 3 dimmer settings in addition to the built-in nightlight, perfect for the nightstand. Check out all the pets they have to offer here!

Five things Friday - Week 16 Lampy Pet


2. How stinkin’ cute are these cute marshmallow shaped hot chocolate mugs?! You get all 4 in the set! 

3. I just bought my youngest a set of these socks, and they are now her absolute favorite!

4. This might just be the coolest coffee mug ever! It has a built in donut holder on top of the cup!

5. This jewelry organizer can either be mounted or hung over the back of a closet, bedroom or bathroom door. It even lights up when you open the door!


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