Five Things Friday Week 4

Five things Friday - Week 4


Howdy Family Fresh Meals family and friends!

Welcome back to another week of Five Things Friday! Each week I’ll be sharing some of the coolest things I have found, bought or I’m dying to try! Let the fun begin with Five Things Friday Week 4!

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Five Things Friday Week 4

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1. The game keeps going when the sun goes down! This lighting kit for bean bag boards provides lights for BOTH corn hole boards and holes.


2. . The lovely folks over at The Floating Pillow sent me a water pillow to try last week. I was a little weirded out when I heard “water pillow”, but gave it a try! Yes, you put water INSIDE the pillow. The verdict? LOVE it! In fact,  my youngest daughter keeps stealing mine, so it looks like I’ll be ordering them for the whole family now! haha


3. Get ready for fun food wars at any meal. Impress that date or your kids. Portable and light so you can carry them with you and fit in your pocket!


4. Enjoy your happy hour in style with this beautiful cheese and cracker board!


5.  Is this mug speaking to anyone else? I’m totally ordering this for myself…TODAY!




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