School Lunch Round Up Week 16

collage image of 4 different lunchbox ideas

How’s the lunch packing going folks? I hope you are all still having fun packing up those lunches! Recently, I have had some comments come in about kids not eating certain foods…… something like, “My kid wouldn’t touch an olive!” – “I don’t know any kids who would eat broccoli for lunch!”- “You’re in a dream world if you think kids would eat those veggies”

I get it. I know all kids aren’t going to like ALL foods. But it doesn’t hurt to throw in a couple new foods, or foods your kids have rejected in the past. Worse case, they don’t eat that small part of their lunch.  Best case, they try it again and like it!

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The reason my kids enjoy so many foods is because I try, try and try again. My little one HATED cucumbers forever and then just last week ate a big bowl full.  It goes both ways. My oldest was a cheese monster, and now will only eat shredded cheese for some reason. (<— so annoying)

Long story short…. This is what I pack my kiddos. Sometimes they eat everything, sometimes they don’t. We all have different tastes and you have to pack what works for you. But I would highly recommend slipping in some new foods/rejected foods in SMALL quantities from time to time….it might just pay off.

Now back to business. Here is what I packed this week for the girls. As always, I try to keep these ideas quick yet cute!

For this lunch, I packed a puzzle sandwich, cheddar puffs, apples, carrots and some mini cookies. Pack in EasyLunchboxes

puzzle shaped sandwich, cheddar puffs, apples, carrots and some mini cookies packed in a lunch box

The apple and gummy worm from last week was a HUGE hit, so I decided to pack that favorite up again here.  There’s also a half sandwich, baked chips and some avocado.
LUNCH TIP: To prevent avocado from browning, squirt that sucker with some lime juice 🙂 Packed in a Lunchbot Trio

half sandwich ,avocado, chips, apple and a gummy worm packed in a lunchbox

In this Planetbox lunch I packed some almond nut butter and jelly sushi rolls, dry cereal, crackers, snap peas, carrots and the last lonely gummy worm.

almond nut butter and jelly sushi rolls, dry cereal, crackers, snap peas, carrots and the last lonely gummy worm - packed in a metal lunchbox

This was the favorite lunch this week 🙂 Chips, salsa, Cliff Bar, black olives, and some fresh fruit. Yummmm right?! Pack in EasyLunchboxes

Chips, salsa, Cliff Bar, black olives, and some fresh fruit packed in a lunchbox

Last but not least we have a quick and easy deli box. Pretzels, pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes and strawberries.Packed in a Lunchbot Trio

School Lunch Pretzels, pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes and strawberries packed in a lunch box

child sitting at a table with a lunchbox

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  1. Try try again! Also, kids mirror their parents eating habits….so if you would never eat broccoli at lunch…guess what?! Since my kids were little….for the most part what I make for dinner is what you get…veggies and all. This has really helped us minimize some pickiness…not always…but, helps:) Thanks for all your tips!

  2. All kids are different – my 4 year old daughter loves both steamed broccoli and sweet potato in her lunch (both cold). She’s not an olive girl, but she LOVES capers! You never know what they’ll like if they don’t get a chance to try it

    1. Capers!!! YUM 🙂

  3. Beautiful lunches! My kids are picky and changeable – and gluten free – so packing lunches can be tricky. Fortunately my 6 year old daughter is being more adventurous lately while my toddler son seems to be eliminating another food each day! Oy, parenthood!

  4. I have a question about the apple puzzle pieces. How did you do that? I’m trying to figure out how you cut it to get the puzzle cutter through it. 🙂

    1. Hi Heather! Place an apple sitting stem side up. Then cut of the 4 side with your knife. Lay those pieces down on the cutting board and push the cutter through. Does that make sense?

    2. That makes perfect sense! Thanks! 🙂

  5. So creative! How do you keep the lunches fresh? Do you just you ice packs ?

    1. Thank you Shelby! Yes, ice packs keep everything good to go!