Simple Sandwich Wraps

Simple Sandwich Wraps packed in two lunchboxes

Simple Sandwich Wraps

Does your child only like one type of sandwich? Here is a fun way to shake up the routine in a subtle way.Turn that boring sandwich into an EASY, healthy wrap.  Simply place all your usual sandwich ingredients into a wrap.

These simple sandwich wraps  work great with lunch meats, chicken salads,  AND PB & J ‘s!  Have fun experimenting with your child’s favorite sandwich.

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two children sitting at a table with lunchboxes

For these EasyLunchBox lunches I packed turkey wraps, with some lettuce, avocado and mustard. In the side compartments are fresh veggies, cereal/berry/nut mix and a small container of dressing for dipping.

What’s your favorite sandwich?


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  1. I just recently made a wrap as well, with turkey, cheese, avocado and cucumber. My little guy was so excited because it was all wrapped up instead of on a sandwich…such a simple idea that works so well!

    1. YUM! That wrap sounds amazing Laura!