Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes

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If you are tired of mashed or scalloped potatoes from a box, then 

this recipe is for YOU!

These Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes are a MUST try!

For those of you who have been following Family Fresh Meals for a bit, know that my husband Darryl LOVES cheese. His second favorite thing is potatoes covered in cheese.

I have been getting better and better about using my crockpot, so when I saw this super easy slow cooker recipe in the  Kraft Foods magazine, I knew it would be a winner at my house.

I made this a couple weeks ago, and since then, I get requests from the whole family at least once a week for “cheesy potatoes.”

There are hardly any leftovers, but when there are, I love to top a scoop of these potatoes with a over-easy egg for a fun breakfast. Mmmmmm. This is a must try… and just in time for the holidays! hehe
XO Corey

Serves 12Here is what you need:

– 1 cup sour cream (I used light & it is still very decadent)
– 1 can condensed cream of potato soup
– 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
– 2 lb small red potatoes
– 1.5 cups shredded cheddar cheese or cheese blend (can double cheese to make cheesier, if calories are not an issue :) hehe)
– 1/2 tsp paprika
– 3 tbsp chopped fresh chives for topping

1. Thinly slice potatoes and set aside.

2. Mix sour cream, can of soup and worcestershire sauce together in a large bowl.

3. Add thinly sliced potatoes to the mixture and mix until all potatoes are well coated.

4. Spoon 1/2 of the potato mixture into the crockpot sprayed with cooking spray.

5. Top with 3/4 cup of shredded cheese.

6. Repeat layering with remaining potatoes and cheese.

crocpot potatos

7. Cook on HIGH for 3.5 to 4.5 hours (or on LOW 6 to 7 hours). Serve topped with a sprinkle of paprika and chives. I did not have chives, so I used some parsley I had on hand… still very tasty!

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Corey, Darryl, Big D & Little D

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Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 8-10
  • - 1 cup sour cream (I used light & it is still very decadent)
  • - 1 can condensed cream of potato soup
  • - 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce (or A1 sauce for vegetarians)
  • - 2 lb small red potatoes
  • - 1.5 cups shredded cheddar cheese or cheese blend (can double cheese to make cheesier, if calories are not an issue :) hehe)
  • - ½ tsp paprika
  • - 3 tbsp chopped fresh chives for topping
  1. Thinly slice potatoes and set aside.
  2. Mix sour cream, can of potato soup and worcestershire sauce together in a large bowl.
  3. Add thinly sliced potatoes to the mixture and mix until all potatoes are well coated.
  4. Spoon ½ of the potato mixture into a crockpot sprayed with cooking spray.
  5. Top with ¾ cup of shredded cheese.
  6. Repeat layer with remaining potatoes and cheese.
  7. Cook on HIGH for 3.5 to 4.5 hours (or on LOW 6 to 7 hours). Serve topped with a sprinkle of paprika and chives.

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    • Anonymous says

      Can this be put together in the morning and left alone completely, all day, while I am at work, if on low? Or does it need stirred to avoid uneven cooking, and burnt edges?

  1. says

    Chef Corey,
    Those Scalloped Potatoes are just delicious looking. I can’t wait try this recipe! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. I am wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen

  2. says

    I made this dish for Christmas dinner yesterday and everyone loved the potatoes! It was so easy to assemble and even easier to cook…I love switching on the slow cooker and walking away.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    The Worcestershire sauce adds a hint of flavor, so I think soy sauce (also has a vinegar and salt component like Worcestershire) would be an ok substitute. PLEASE let me know how it turns out with the substitution :)I would love to know! Enjoy :)

  4. Anonymous says

    How can I replace the cream of potato soup without having to hand-make my own kind? I have a sensitivity to all cream of anything soups.

    • Anonymous says

      I also have problems with cream of anything soups unless it is Campbell’s Healthy Request which leaves out the MSG (my problem). Not sure if they make a cream of potato so I might have to substitute with another “cream of” that they do carry.

    • Ashley says

      I didn’t have cream of potato soup and I used instant potato flakes (and the ingredients like I was making a serving of instant potatoes).

    • Maria V says

      The first time I made these, they turned out excellent!! I was so excited to try them, I didn’t realize that I didn’t have cream of potato soup, so I substituted it with cream of mushroom soup – they still tasted excellent!! Making them today with potato, broccoli, and mushroom soup – I’m sure they’ll turn out equally fantastic!! Thanks for the recipe!! :)

  5. Anonymous says

    Do you think I could double this? Cook how much longer? I do a Valentine’s Banquest for my church every year and this would be GREAT!!! I am limited on oven space. THANKS for a wonderful recipe!!

  6. says

    I do think you could double it. Thinking back, I think it filled my crockpot up a little more than halfway. You could pat it down to make it fit. I would cook a double batch for the longer options (low 8 hours and high 4.5 hours). Another option would be to cook in batches. Cook one batch the day before, and put it in a casserole pan/dish. Cover and refrigerate. Do the the same thing with the second batch. Then when you are ready to use them, do a quick heat up in a oven or microwave. Hope that helps! You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE these :)

  7. Anonymous says

    Made this with a few adjustments. Used Healthy Request Cream of Celery in place of cream of potato; added bacon bits; used 2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese. Loved it!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    These didn’t taste like scalloped potatoes to any of us. They were creamy(not particularly cheesy tasting though)and didn’t have much flavor. I’ll stick with my regular scalloped potato recipe I guess. Too bad, I was hoping for an easy one to do in the crock pot.

  9. Anonymous says

    Was very excited to try this and was very Disappointed. No flavor and my family felt the same. I even added more cheese. Won’t try again.

  10. Anonymous says

    These potatoes were AMAZING!!!! So easy to do, and talk about cheesy goodness. I added a little extra cheese. I went back for thirds, and I NEVER do that. Thanks Family Fresh Meals for a great recipe :)

  11. Anonymous says

    We also made these last night. I don’t know what some of these people are talking about with the no flavor. These potatoes were creamy, delicious potatoes. I don’t know what flavor people are missing. They taste like cheesy and potatoes, what other flavors are you expecting! Hahaha. I like the idea of adding some bacon next time. Will be making this on again for Super Bowl weekend.

  12. Anonymous says

    I was also super excited to have this when I got home—MAJOR disappointment; We tossed it in the trash. No flavor and just overall yuck.

  13. Anonymous says

    I have made these before. Instead of the soup I used evaporated milk. They were a big hit at my Memorial Day Bar B Q. Will make them again & again.

  14. Anonymous says

    I have been making these for years! Instead of cream of potato ..I use cream of mushroom..I also add thin sliced onions, butter and a little sprinkling of flour between each layer. FANTASTIC!

  15. Anonymous says

    thank you. I can’t wait to try this. I work all day and this is a quick and easy recipe for me especially using the slow cooker.

  16. Anonymous says

    Going to try these but I am going to add diced ham and some dehydrated onion. Will let you know how it turned out.

  17. Anonymous says

    Usually when someone says something has no flavor, it is because they are used to a lot more salt or other seasoning because your taste buds adapt. Before you waste food by throwing it out, try sprinkling on some S & P, and/or onion and/or garlic powder.

  18. Anonymous says

    Cooking these for Easter!! I substituted with Gryere and Smoked Fontina. Thinking about adding fennel next time

  19. says

    I made these for Easter. I did a lot of substitutions though. I used russet potatoes instead of red. Cream of celery soup instead of potato. Added the extra cheese, included a little Italian blend. Lastly, I added a bunch of spice. I didn’t measure, but here is the list: Montreal Steak Seasoning (my go to season), garlic powder, lemon pepper, and dried onion pieces. It sounds like a lot, but I like flavor and I didn’t go overboard with it all.
    They turned out perfect!!! So yummy! I’ve had some everyday since!

  20. Michelle says

    If you’re wondering if you can prep all this the night before and put it in the fridge to toss in the crockpot in the morning…the answer would be “no.” At least I only prepped half a batch! Round two this weekend…

    • says

      The potatoes got blackish-brownish, just oxidized. And there was a lot of water at the bottom of the bowl. My mom and I both thought that if the potatoes were coated with the mixture and the bowl sealed up they wouldn’t oxidize like that. The liquid gathering at the bottom didn’t even occur to me.

      I’m going to try again on Sunday, I’ll report back 😉

    • says

      Round two went great. These potatoes were great! I made a half batch in a small crockpot. They didn’t need the full time on low, only about 6 hours. I used cream of mushroom instead, also.

  21. Busymom says

    Great comments….I am going to wash & slice my potatoes tonight and place in a bowl of cold water… then in the morning just mix all together in the crock pot! Hope it works, have a dinner party after a very busy day so no time for for mess ups! Wish me luck!

  22. says

    I use Hoffman’s Super Sharp Cheddar when I make things like this. It is like American in that it melts smoothly, but has much more flavor than American, even sharp American.

  23. says

    How important is the sour cream? I have tried to “sneak” it in previous recipes,and my family could taste it. and they do not like it…..

    • Cat says

      Do they like cream cheese or neufschatel? I’ve never had to substitute for sour cream, but my husband hates mayo and I have successfully used neufschatel instead in several recipes, including deviled eggs. If the texture is off I whip some milk into the cream cheese to thin it.

  24. says

    I made this recipe for Easter and it was good. However, the cook time is way off. I had it on high and it was no where near done in 4 hours. I had to improvise since the rest of our dinner was ready by the time I realized this. Just prepare to cook it longer than it says.

    • says

      I am so glad they turned out for you :) I think the cook time really does depend on crockpots. If I leave mine in on HIGH any longer than 4 hours, they start to burn…. while yours were not cooked. So if you know your crock runs hot, go for the less of the time, but it not, the full time :)

  25. says

    I made these today in my small crockpot and cut it in half for hubby and I! I also used cream of mushroom soup instead of the potato soup and it was delicious!! Hubby really like them too!

    • says

      Some of the people who have complained about “no taste” have added some salt and or other seasonings they like to kick up the taste. That has helped them out. It really also depends on the kind of cheese you are using. I hope that helps and sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it.

  26. says

    I can’t do dairy so I came here to see if substitutions were a possibility but found Au gratin potatoes instead. Au gratin-with cheese. Scalloped-without. Wish I could have these they look amazing

  27. Anonymous says

    Making this right now…but I did add onion slices, fresh garlic and lots of cheese!! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  28. says

    I want to thank you a million times for sharing this recipe! It’s in the crockpot now & I have made it SEVERAL times. Not sure what the people are talking about with “no flavor”. A bit of salt or pepper usually does the trick. And, oh, I sometimes don’t have cream of potato soup on hand, so I just substitute cream of chicken. Maybe that’s weird, but it tastes yummy! Thanks again!

    • says

      Thank you so much for stopping by to share! That makes me so happy to hear that you have made it several times! It is one of our family favorites too. The cream of chicken doesn’t sound weird at all :) You can also use 4oz of cream cheese and 1 cup of milk if you don’t have the cream of ANY soup on hand :) XO

  29. says

    Just a random theory, the complaints about tasteless etc… I’mma guess they probably skipped the Worcestershire. Since that seems to be the only ‘oomph!’ in the actual potato coating, if you skipped it I can definitely see a potential taste problem. I’m going to have to try these soon because, let’s face it, if you toss in some bacon, there’s no way these won’t be eaten 😛

  30. Anonymous says

    i remember growing up my mom would put in sausage in her potatoes. It was cooked in the oven….no crock pot in those days. I have been craving it for months so was excited to see this recipe. I am going to try it tomorrow!!

  31. says

    I used the Wocestershire, and I doubled it, and my potatoes were still tasteless, but thanks for your “guess!” I’m making these again today and I’m going to try cream of mushroom soup, cayenne pepper and a little garlic powder. I do believe that sharp cheddar is the only way to go for that super cheesy flavor, also!

  32. Anonymous says

    I just made this and I really enjoyed it! I halfed the recipe since it’s just my boyfriend and me, so twelve servings just seemed like WAY too much. I added a little extra cheese and some salt and pepper. I cooked it on high and it was done in a little under three hours. My boyfriend really liked the simple flavor of this because he’s really not a complex recipe kinda guy! I also like the simplicity of it since you can use it as a side for a lot of different things! (However, both of us agreed that while it’s simple, it wasn’t tasteless, so I’m not really sure what happened for some people on here. :/)

  33. ashley says

    i plan on making this tomorrow for christmas and i shoped late so all they had was cream of chicken…i hope it works out ..i will be adding onion as well

    • ashley says

      it turned out sooo good i used reg potatoes as well and it was a hit with the fam no leftovers at all! thanks for the recipe

  34. April says

    We loved these!!! My guy wasn’t too thrilled when I told him I was making scalloped potatoes (not his favorite), but he quickly changed his mind after he tasted them. Not only did he clean his plate, but he went back for seconds and gobbled up the leftovers for days. I thought they had PLENTY of flavor with the addition of some diced onion, salt and pepper, and increased cheese to two cups. Great recipe, thanks!


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