Bento Love: Bearful Hummus

How to make this Bento Love: Bearful Hummus Lunchbox

top view of Bento Love: Bearful Hummus Lunchbox
Bear made of hummus, cheese and black olive eyes & ears. Carrots, cherry heirloom tomatoes & pita bread for dipping. And some yummy kiwi for dessert! Little D definitely liked this bento more than Big D. Little D loves herself some hummus, but I have yet to sell Big D on it’s AWESOMENESS. hehe

She took a couple bites of it to please me, but then she stuck to everything else in the box. I will keep trying… she will love it one of these days… I know it!

“MOM…. enough with the pictures!” small child sitting at a table with the Bento Love: Bearful Hummus Lunchbox

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  1. The hummus bear is adorable! Love the expression on your little one’s face too. I love your blog!

  2. Thank you soooo much! Hehe… I don’t know how they deal with all my picture taking 🙂