Bento Love: Clowning Around

top down photo of clown themed lunchbox

Bento Love: Clowning Around lunchbox

In the main section of the Easy Lunchbox (love these boxes!) is a “clown salad”, made of lettuce, spinach, cheese hat, ham hair, cheese & olive eyes, pepperoni nose, cheese & pepperoni mouth, and a carrot bow tie.

In the top right is a cereal, raisin, marshmallow mix. In the bottom right are orange slices and a Dora gummy.

The girls were watching Yo Gabba Gabba the day I made this Easy Lunchbox bento. For one of the episodes, there is a song called “What’s Up Clown.”  They had been singing it all day, I couldn’t get the idea of a clown bento box out of my head. hehe.a child sitting at a table, eating the clowning around lunchbox
Here is Big D eating her bento, singing “What’s Up Clown!!!” the entire lunch time.
Hope you enjoy!
XO, Corey

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  1. SO CUTE Corey!! 🙂
    Love the idea and whenever there’s a story associated with the theme. PLUS you got your rainbow!! 😉

  2. Yes Keeley! Love the rainbow eating! Totally agree Diana, clowns are creepy! But this salad clown thankfully won over the girls 🙂