Bento Love: Cool Pool Party

top down image of pool party themed lunchboxBento Love: Cool Pool Party Lunchbox

For this PlanetBox(aff link)  lunch, there is a pool of Chobani greek yogurt, with 2 party animals floating in gummy rings, alphabet cookies, grapes, orange slices, carrots, and turkey roll-ups.
Child sitting at a table with pool party themed lunchbox

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  1. GAH this is so stinkin’ cute!!
    Love the Pool Party ~ Can I come too??! 🙂
    I bet Little D loved this ~ I could see Little Miss doing the same. 🙂

  2. Love your pool party! Lil’ Miss looks pretty happy with it too!

  3. The whole thing is fantastic! That pool party is fabulous!

  4. Can I come to the Pool Party??? That is too cute! Love the bears in the “pool”!