Bento Love: Easy Sweetest Day Lunch

Sandwich with cheese hearts on top of bread, in a lunchbox
Yes, tomorrow is the wonderful Hallmark Holiday, Sweetest Day. I always fall victim because I’m a sucker. To show my sweeties a little extra love for Sweetest Day, I packed a lunch FULL of love 🙂
In this EasyLunchbox, you will find a sandwich topped with cheese hearts, some fresh veggies and a 100 calorie pack of guacamole. Funny story about guacamole. I have been known to say the phrase “Holy guacamole!”  Big D is a sponge and mimics me a lot. Well, lately, she has been walking around saying “What the guacamole?!” Hahaha. I think I like her spin on my saying MUCH better 🙂

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  1. Love it Corey Cool J! 😉
    Happy Sweetest Day to your and your family.

    Adorable lunch!

  2. I love “What the Guacamole;” that has to be the cutest thing ever! Sweet lunch too. 🙂