Bento Love: Fruit & Friends

funny face sandwich packed in a lunchbox with fruit, cheese and crackers

Bento Love: Fruit & Friends

Starting from the top, there are pepperoni & crackers, sandwiched between 2 cherry tomatoes. Champagne grapes next to an open faced cheese sandwich. At the bottom are kiwi & sliced plums.

child picking at champagne grapes
Little D goes crazy every time I bring home these champagne grapes. They are sometimes hard to find, so I as delighted to see them at Trader Joe’s this morning. The girls pretty much loved the whole bento. Big D avoided the white cheese… she told me that it wasn’t cheese 🙂 Weirdo.
Little D was not feeling the tomatoes today. I guess that is because she ate about 20 from our garden last night. Oh well 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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