Bento Love: Go For the Gold Olympic Lunchbox

Top down image of Olympic themed lunchbox

For this this GoodByn Bento, there are a stack of whole wheat crackers and a sour candy ribbon, to make an “Olympic gold metal”.

In the middle is a salad of mixed greens with cheese letters. Also on the salad are Olympic torches made of Bugles chips and fruit leather. On the left are grapes surrounding a blueberry/oatmeal muffin, decorated Olympic Style. 

Today is the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic. In honor of today,  some bento friends & I have all posted Olympic themed lunches.Child sitting with Olympic themed lunchbox, smiling and holding an edible mini torch

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  1. That is so cute!!! The torches are perfect and I LOVE the idea for the medal!

  2. Bahaha the bugle chips torches are so awesome!!

    Love the medal too, Corey. 🙂 GREAT JOB!!