Bento Love: Make Your Own Pizza Lunchable

Top down image of a DIY Pizza lunchable

Bento Love: Make Your Own Pizza Lunchable

For this EasyLunchBox bento, there is a multigrain sandwich thin, turkey pepperoni, pizza sauce and shredded cheese.

BentOnBetterLunches & MOMables have teamed up and started a great lunch series called Lunchbox Wars. Cristi of BentOnBetterLunches shows you how to make much more healthy, appealing versions of Lunchables.

As a kid I LOVED Lunchables (I know… yuck). I remember my favorite was the pizza Lunchable. I would BEG for my Mom to buy those for me. Well, my kids do the same thing to me. And MOMables posted this easy peasy way to make my own, I was all over it!  It is so much easier, healthier and cheaper to make your own pizza lunchable.

The girls had so much fun. I must say, my make your own pizza “lunchable” looked MUCH better than any store bought one, not to mention healthier AND CHEAPER. BOOM! Thank you to MOMables and BentOnBetterLunches for the awesome idea.
What is MOMables?

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MOMables shows busy parents that they can make fresh school lunches in 10minutes or less. MOMables are mom-made (or dad), simple and nutritious lunches. MOMables has worked with dozens of moms, a chef and a nutritionist to create healthy lunches kids will actually eat.  

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  1. Love it! Much prettier, tastier & healthier than the boxed kind 🙂 Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I love this! My kids love lunchables, and I’ll make “homemade lunchables” for them all the time. Why did it never occur to me to make the pizza lunchables? It’s their favorite.

  3. Great idea! I love all your lunch boxes and accessories =).

  4. I loved, loved, loved this recipe and so did my 5 year old. Thanks so much for such a cute and healthy alternative to lunchables.