Bento Love: Hot Dog Kabobs

Top down picture of Hot Dog Kabob lunch box - hot dog kabobs, couscous, cheese cubes, orange slices and fruit snacksBento Love: Hot Dog Kabobs

In the large compartment of this Easy Lunchbox bento are hot dog kabobs (bun, hot dog, pickle and bun) a side of cubed cheese, couscous and ketchup for dipping.

On the top right are plum fruit leather  cubes. On the bottom left are oranges with pineapple in the center. The girls are always a fan of any food on a stick, so I knew these would be a new favorite for them.

They ask for hot dog sticks constantly 🙂 Hope you enjoy!Child sitting at a table eating Hot Dog Kabob lunch box

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  1. It’s a great idea to turn a sandwich into a kebab! Anything to encourage variety. I also really like that you put a pickle on there, too. I’ve always loved dill relish on my hot dogs and that seems like that would take care of adding that flavor.