Bento Love: Tulips

Top down picture of Bento Love : Tulips lunch box - hot dogs shaped like tulips, cheese shaped bears with nori eyes and mouth, fruit, humus and chips

How to make this Bento Love : Tulips lunch

  1. Tulip hot dogs & bear cheese on a bed of lettuce and backed with cherry tomatoes. In the upper right we have tri-flavored hummus with garlic-parmesan pita chips, topped with cheese baby bears.
  2. In the upper left, there are dried fruit flakes, honey dew melon and a yogurt covered star cookie.

I hadn’t made a bento for a bit, so the girls were super excited when they saw this for lunch. My youngest LOVED the hummus, but Big D did not 🙂 Other than that, this bento was enjoyed by all!

Here is Little D’s WHOA face 🙂 hehechild sitting at a table looking at Tulip Bento

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